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Make your data more productive

Build and manage data pipelines to get more from your data, faster.

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Trusted by the world's best data teams

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The Data Productivity Cloud

A single platform to build and manage all your data pipelines, empowering coders and non-coders alike to move, transform, and orchestrate data, faster.
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Build pipelines with ease


Manage everything in one place


Augment data work with AI

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Seamless Integration

with your cloud data platform

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Move data from anywhere

Load data from source systems directly into your cloud data platform.

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Load data in batches to ensure regular, scheduled loads from source systems into your cloud data warehouse.

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Leverage change data capture to update data as changes occur, maintaining consistency and agility.

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Connect to any source

Explore Matillion’s library of pre-built connectors,
or build a custom connector to pull data via REST API.

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50 external data sources

integrated into one central hub

Read the customer story
If the investment data hub is the heart of everything we do, Matillion is the circulatory system - pumping everything around. Tom Back, Head of Investment Data,
St. James’s Place Wealth Management
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Prepare and transform with ease

Build complex data transformations in a user-friendly interface. Choose between no-code and high-code experiences.

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No Code

Matillion’s intuitive visual designer lets users drag and drop to build powerful data pipelines in minutes.

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Incorporate dbt, Python, SQL, and more to perform complex transformations with Matillion.

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Leverage AI

Use Matillion Copilot to turn plain language prompts into complex transformations.

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100MN records

ingested per hour, 2.7BN, per day

Read the customer story
Matillion gives high productivity and high performance. It’s more beneficial for our customers as well. Suman Shanthakumar, Senior Data Warehouse Architect, Juniper Networks
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Orchestrate your operation,
all in one place

Automate and schedule all of your data loads and transformations at once, ensuring tasks run on time and making tracking and troubleshooting easy.

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Easily track and manage data

Track data lineage back to its source, increasing understanding and making it easy to spot and fix issues.

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Stay on top of important pipeline data, including status, run history, and task logs – all in one place.

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Follow data back to the source, increasing understanding and making it easy to spot and fix issues.

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Keep data secure with role-based security and strong governance.

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Deploy platform

Deploy quickly and start building immediately

Matillion's SaaS platform lets you go from signup to building pipelines in minutes, with the flexibility to grow with you.

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Security and compliance

Build and manage data pipelines with confidence that your data is secure.
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