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Grow the impact of data, with the Matillion Data Productivity Cloud

Make next-gen ELT a core part of your modern data stack, through a cloud-based data platform that lets you automate, accelerate and work without constraints.

Collect data from any source with universal data connectors and pipelines that are simple to deploy and manage.

  • Quickly ingest and integrate data into any cloud, from any app or system, regardless of your underlying infrastructure.
  • Simplify pipeline management by organizing Change Data Capture and batch data loading from a singular control plane
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Cleanse and enrich data to build current, correct, complete datasets for every application, with ETL that’s natively integrated with your existing data stack.

  • Build full data pipelines in minutes with or without coding.
  • Use ETL customized for your cloud data platform, to help you get the full value from your infrastructure.
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Push datasets back out across the business for consumption in your core systems of record to accelerate the use of cloud data.

  • Sync data back to business and operational applications through reverse ETL with pre-built connectors.
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Easily manage data throughout its lifecycle with consistent metadata and an intelligent system that anticipates and adapts to your needs.

  • Manage complex pipelines through a single dashboard, that helps you identify and easily address problems.
  • Centralize workflows, teams and costs – easily manage workflow across your team, controlling costs, access and more from a central location.
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By leveraging the efficiency and scalability of Matillion ETL, TUI can now deliver more data insights to the business faster.


Cisco Meraki was able to download a quadrillion rows of data in 15 minutes, connect the entire customer journey across marketing and sales, and prove a 46X ROI on their campaigns.


When replacing antiquated legacy systems, DocuSign selected Matillion and reduced the runtime of select ETL processes by over 75%.


Boost productivity within your data teams


Onboard any data, user, or application easily, with high and low code tools that create business-ready data in minutes.


Significantly enhance the value of your existing cloud data platforms, by extending capabilities without coding.


Provide infinite speed, scale and integration, with enterprise assurance as you experiment, evolve and grow.

Enterprise assurance, with architecture (and pricing) that’s open and flexible

The proof is in the pudding. See how quickly Matillion can start to take your data team further.

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