24hrs of Cloud BI Development – Matillion Hackathon 2013

Matillion Cloud BI Hackathon 2013There’s some furious development of new Cloud BI functionality going on at Matillion HQ today (and tonight).  We’re half way through a 24hr “hackathon” and our team is locked in, fuelled up and working hard!

What’s a hackathon?

A hackathon (or codefest) is an event in which developers, testers, project managers and other skills come together to try and build a new piece of functionality – in one sitting.  It’s how Facebook’s ‘Like’ button was invented.

Ours is 24hrs long, running from 8am Wednesday to 8am Thursday.

What are we developing?

The idea of a hackathon is that the team creates the idea, so we started this morning with a big brainstorming session.  There were some great ideas:

  • Migrating our Cloud Data Warehouse technology to Redshift (which is a new, super high-performance Cloud data warehouse service from our good friends over at Amazon)
  • Developing a mobile interface to our Nexus software – allowing our business intelligence consultants to check ETL statuses, stage data, tweak settings and manage users whilst on the move
  • Adding a user editable meta data layer, allowing Matillion BI customers to edit their own meta data.
  • Enhancing collaboration features to Matillion BI, allowing users to more easily share and collaborate on reports and analyses within Matillion BI
  • Redeveloping our Matillion Data Accelerator Driver to allow near real-time business intelligence and data integration
  • Adding “gamification” to the user experience, encouraging adoption.  The idea here is to reward users with achievements, badges and other fun stuff in return for using the system and taking training.

All great ideas and all things will be running with in our wider development effort, improving the functionality available with our cloud business intelligence software, Matillion BI.

cloud bi hackathon at matillion

For the purposes of the hackathon though, we needed something we could start and finish in one 24hr period.  As such, the team elected to go for the Redshift and MDA functionality.

There’s pizza ordered for midnight!