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Matillion is featured in CIOReview, named among the “20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers”. Check out why in our cover story “Matillion Reinventing How Businesses Get Their Data to the Cloud”, on page 10.

Matillion named among “20 Most Promising Data Integration Solution Providers – 2018”

20 most promising

Data silos have been a major problem for businesses since day one. These gaps in knowledge have only increased with the rising number of services and products generating meaningful data for businesses. In order for companies to over these challenges, they are turning data integration solutions. These solutions help bring all their data together. By creating a single source of the truth, businesses can make better decisions, faster.


Matillion Reinventing How Businesses Get Their Data to the Cloud

Matillion is an integration solution that can help businesses get a 360-view of their data. With over 60 pre-built connectors to popular data sources including, Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3), Cloud Storage, social media like Facebook, Database connectors for any on-premise or cloud databases, Microsoft Excel, CRM systems like Salesforce, finance tools like Quickbooks, and more, companies can bring data into Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Snowflake in a matter of ‘clicks’. Better yet, Matillion helps you transform that data into the format you need for analysis. The days of hand coding interfaces to make systems talk to each other are over! Close your data gaps in just a few clicks with Matillion.

Access “Matillion Reinventing How Businesses Get their Data to the Cloud” on page 10 in Data Integration edition of CIOReview.


CIO Review Matillion Cover


“Most of the enterprise data is distributed and often stored on-premise in application silos. Matillion enables the movement of data assets, via integration with those on-premise data stores, to cloud-based data warehouses.”

Matthew Scullion, CEO, Matillion


Matthew Scullion

With a vision to deliver “Business Intelligence and Self-Service Reporting” to mid-sized companies who struggled to turn their data into meaningful information, Matthew Scullion founded Matillion in 2011.

Since then, the company has expanded, opening offices in the USA. Matillion has also developed an innovative new ETL tool to help move and handle ever-growing quantities of data. Whilst originally developed for internal use, we quickly saw potential to sell our software to a wider market. Matillion’s data integration solution is now used globally by cloud-first start ups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

We now sell Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift to companies all over the world, through the AWS Marketplace. We have further broadened the scope of our ETL offerings with Matillion ETL for Snowflake and Matillion ETL for BigQuery.


Matillion Logo

Matillion are fundamentally changing data integration enabling our customers to innovate at the speed of business, with cloud-native data integration technology that solves individuals’ and enterprises’ top business challenges.


20 Most Promising Data Integration Solutions

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