Matillion’s 9 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018To date, cloud uptake has been pursued by the early adopters. The number of enterprises looking to cloud-based data warehouses, however, has been consistently increasing year on year, generating a booming industry.

While our cloud computing predictions for 2018 are a bit up the in air, there is a commonality in growth, development and opportunity for both providers and consumers.

Matillion’s 2018 Cloud Computing Predictions

1. Cloud Leaders

Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft will defend their titles as industry leaders. Forrester expects these three to capture over 75% of revenue in 2018.

2. More Cloud Providers

Although the numbers suggest AWS, Google and Microsoft are the clear leaders granting them a degree of certainty, we anticipate competition from new challengers. For example, Snowflake, which has been multiplying its customer base over the past years.
Cloud Optimization

3. Cloud Adoption

It is hard to know exactly how many companies are using the cloud, at least to some extent as part of a hybrid method. In a Forbes survey, they suggest hybrid cloud adoption is up to 57% (3X the previous year).

Hybrid approaches are popular because they allows users to take advantage of the strengths of different providers to create a hybrid cloud across different platforms. Provisions to move between cloud providers will improve too. Matillion ETL, while a tool built for the cloud, ideally sits within a hybrid technology stack as it connects to many different data sources across all products. For example you can connect to Google Pub/Sub from the AWS products.

4. Industry Value

With more adoption comes more investment and resource. Projections have the industry reaching $178B. This would suggest more cloud users, SaaS options, and improvements.

5. Research and Development

As the value of the cloud industry increases, we believe these resources will fund research and development in areas such as security, which is often noted as a barrier to entry. This will in turn feed adoption rates.

6. Cloud Optimization

2018 will start to see the monumental transition from cloud uptake to cloud optimization. Early adopters will benefit from their head start, enhancing their workflows, deriving data driven intelligence and improving performance in the market.

7. Data Ownership

New approach to data ownership will come about from new regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which places specific requirements on providers who process personal information on behalf of others. AWS and Google have committed to compliance with GDPR when it comes into effect. We expect the same commitment from other industry leaders.

8. Data Migration and Movement

Because of the above and data being in more disparate systems data migration challenges are becoming more common and according to CMS more enterprises will need to reach out to independent software vendors to help them migrate large data volumes to the cloud.

Matillion can help with data movement. We are finding more and more customers reaching out to us to use our suite of native connectors to bring all data into one central repository in the cloud to improve monitoring of business performance.

9. Kubernetes

Kubernetes will gain momentum. 2017 was the year for experimenting with containers, with Kubernetes becoming the favourite for container management. 2018 will be the year Kubernetes go mainstream. They will be at the heart of automating, deploying, scaling and operating application containers.

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