Matillion BI 5.6

Throughout November we’ll be upgrading our existing customers to the new version of Matillion, 5.6.

We think you’re going to love it.

What’s new in Matillion 5.6?

Matillion 5.6 includes hundreds of minor tweaks and adjustments to make your BI experience better.

  • Revamped report scheduling screens accelerate the process of scheduling a report
  • Reworked filters now allow large quantities of data to be processed without slowing down your browser
  • “No Data” mode allows you to build an ad-hoc report without data for speed and efficiency
  • Filters changes now apply only when the user clicks apply rather than on every change.
  • Relative Dates can now be done more simply via a reworked user interface

New features

The new computed fields functionality in Matillion 5.6 is super powerful.  Group data together.  Build variances right in the in-memory ad-hoc interface, without needing a cube or an iReport.  The new computed fields work faster too.


Stunning new HTML 5 charts include bubble chart, radar/spider charts and multiple axis charts.  Helping you make your data relevant and beautiful.


We’ve made some changes to the way filters work, reducing lag in the front-end and making it easier to select the data you need, particularly with larger volumes of data.

We think you’re going to really love the new ‘Custom Report Template’ option for saved reports, which allows you to associate your own colours, fonts and design with a report you’ve created in the ad-hoc.  No iReport needed.


We’ve made a raft of performance improvements both to our software and also the infrastructure that runs it.  We hope you’ll like the difference.  Importantly, these performance improvements now allow us to support much more data for clients when that’s a requirement.

Not an existing customer?

If you’d like to see Matillion BI 5.6 in action, arrange a free personalised demonstration today.

Alternatively, if you’d like to find our more about implementing a successful Business Intelligence Solution, download our free E-Book below.