New Customer: Perspective Financial Group

We’re thrilled to welcome on board our latest customer, Perspective Financial Group Ltd.

Perspective are a top 15 financial advisory group of high quality and well qualified financial advisers who go to market through over 20 local offices.  They offer whole of market, fee based, financial advice throughout the UK.


We’re really excited about this project as it’s the first time we’re applying the self-serve reporting and business intelligence capabilities of Matillion BI in the Financial Services sector.

Whilst Perspective’s business is in a different industry to that of some of our existing clients, their business challenges around management information, reporting and analysis are really similar.  They have crucial management information spread across 19 core systems and 12 sites which means collation of management information can be time consuming.  They’ve selected Matillion to help them slice-and-dice information more easily and save time in the production of management information and reports.

Our capabilities around joining information together from multiple systems was key in selection, as was the easy-to-use Matillion BI front-end which will allow their users to self-serve.

Project Summary:

  • Pain Points: Data in Multiple Systems; Self-Serve Reporting and Analysis
  • Modules Selected: Matillion BI for Financial Advisors
  • Core Systems: Avelo Advisor Office
  • Why they selected Matillion: Ability to join data across multiple systems; cloud based, easy to use, self-serve reporting and analysis

The implementation is currently underway.