Up-and-coming Matillion recognised by Forrester

forrester matillion business intelligenceMatillion is a young company, just four years old. But we like to think that we punch above our weight—a view that’s endorsed by our growing roster of top-drawer customers, of course. And now, we’ve attracted the attention of Forrester Research, with a mention in their latest Enterprise Business Intelligence report.

Now let’s be clear. Forrester Research reports are relied upon by CIOs in the world’s very largest businesses. And the eleven Business Intelligence vendors that Forrester covers in detail in its report are all very major players in the Enterprise Business Intelligence marketplace.

So a mention in the report—even a small one—gives us quite a thrill. Five years ago, we didn’t exist. Today, Forrester is declaring that we’re one of a group of software companies that it actively tracks in the Business Intelligence marketplace.

What does that mean?

Let’s start with what it doesn’t mean. Matillion was never going to be one of the eleven profiled vendors in this report for a number of reasons.

To start with, Forrester’s eleven were the largest Business Intelligence vendors in terms of sales revenues. Clearly, that’s not us: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and the others are all very obviously a lot bigger.


forrester business intelligence tools
The Forrester report lists us alongside some of the big players in the Business Intelligence industry.


We also don’t yet have over a hundred enterprise customers (although we’re not far off!) and nor do we have a significant physical presence in more than one major geographical region (although again, we’re working on it).

And nor, we suspect, do Forrester clients regularly ask Forrester analysts for their evaluation of us—at least, not at the required ‘trigger’ level of two requests a month.

So a more prominent mention just wasn’t going to happen.  Yet.

What we’re doing right.

That said, we did meet many of Forrester’s other criteria.

Does Matillion’s Business Intelligence solution offer production and operational reporting, ad-hoc querying, OLAP, and dashboards? Yes, quite simply.

Does Matillion’s Business Intelligence solution offer the ability to query databases using SQL and MDX—the querying technologies are used most widely in large enterprises? Yes, of course.

Does Matillion’s Business Intelligence solution offer a complete, self contained, fully functioning BI environment that is not technologically or functionally tied or limited to particular functional or horizontal applications like ERP or supply chain management? Yes, again.

And is Matillion’s Business Intelligence solution a complete, self contained BI environment or platform that does not have to be embedded in other applications? Again, the answer is yes.

So what sets us apart?

Well, as the Forrester report notes, “Cloud services offer options to firms that prefer not to deal with BI stack complexity.” We couldn’t agree more.

And the trend is going our way: even the most traditional on-premise Business Intelligence providers are now starting to provide Cloud-based offerings.


forrester business intelligence stand out
Being a Cloud, Software-as-a-Service provider helps set us apart from many of the traditional BI vendors


But Matillion’s Cloud-based Business Intelligence offering isn’t some cut-down afterthought, brought to market in order to satisfy a marketing department’s need to tick a box marked ‘Cloud’.

Instead, we’re 100% Cloud, and 100% Software-as-a-Service.

That’s what we do, and that’s what we focus on.

The Cloud advantage.

What does that mean? As Forrester notes, a less-complicated (and less expensive) IT infrastructure, for one.

A lower cost of acquisition, for another: a Matillion solution is paid for out of operating expense, not the capital expenditure budget.

A faster implementation, too—typically, we deliver in eight to ten weeks, as opposed to the months-long Business Intelligence implementations involved in on-premise projects.


forrester cloud business intelligence
Operating in the Cloud gives us a number of advantages over our competitors.


Also, scalability: one of our customers uses Matillion to data-mine 600 million rows of sales history, growing at a further million rows a week.

And an end to bottlenecks, for another: no more server bottlenecks, and no more report-writing bottlenecks. And faster processing, too, thanks to in-memory analytics.

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All of which, we think, goes a long way towards explaining our rapid growth.

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