What’s new in Matillion ETL for BigQuery version 1.31?

The latest release of Matillion ETL for BigQuery version 1.31, includes a whole host of enhancements, new features and new components to make Matillion ETL better than ever before!

You can find the complete release notes for version 1.31 below, or alternatively, you can watch this short video for a full tour of the new features.

Take a tour of the new features

Want to see what’s new in version 1.31? Check out this video tour in which our CTO, Ed Thompson, provides a tour of the new features, new functionality and new components in the latest release of Matillion ETL for BigQuery.



What’s new in Matillion ETL for BigQuery version 1.31?

You can also find the full release notes and upgrade instructions on our BigQuery Support Center.

New Data Connectors Components
New/Updated Components
  • API Profile RSD Generator
    • Accelerate the development of API Profiles using a new tool that automatically generates a basic XML “RSD descriptor” for any API endpoint, based on a sample of data returned
  • REST API Version 1 – Matillion ETL now has full API coverage:
    • You can now read/write more assets (JDBC Drivers, credentials, SQS configuration) as well as allowing finer-control of which resources to include
    • A map of the v1 API is available here
    • The “v0” api is still available and unchanged
  • A new SQL Script component allows you to run your own SQL scripts
Other Changes
  • Grid Variables System
    • In addition to “scalar” (single-valued) variables, you can now define grid variables to hold lists and grids of values; use them wherever a compatible list or grid of values is required
    • Grid variables can be manipulated/modified in Python
    • You can pass values for grid variables when starting a job via SQS and/or the V1 API
  • You can now disable parts of an Orchestration job
  • Improved Matching in column mappings – Many transformation component “Column Mapping” parameters can now be automatically mapped, even when the input and output column names are similar but not identical

Important (possible breaking change)

  • API Profiles (“RSD’s”) that handle paging may need to be tweaked to disable “auto” paging. Please see here for more details
  • API profile limits are now applied. Where the default of 100 is set it will now be applied. This could affect API Query Components which previously ignored that limit

Want to learn more about Matillion ETL for Snowflake v1.31? Join our webinar on March 8th at 11am EST to see v1.31 in action and get an opportunity to ask Ed Thompson, Matillion CTO, questions about the latest release.


Matillion ETL for bigquery version 1.31


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