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Unveiling the Future of Data and AI: A Recap of Matillion's Data Unlocked Conference

We're excited to bring you the latest and greatest from Matillion's recent Data Unlocked conference, where the stage was set for groundbreaking announcements that promise to redefine the data landscape. Join us on this journey, where your passion and expertise become pivotal in driving the success of these transformative initiatives.

Pillars of Innovation: Stack Ready, Everyone Ready, AI Ready

Our commitment to innovation is exemplified through three key pillars: Stack Ready, Everyone Ready, and AI Ready. Let's delve into each, collectively shaping the era of productivity in the modern cloud.

Stack Ready: Elevating Your Data Experience

In today's rapidly evolving tech landscape, seamless integration with AI services has become paramount for businesses seeking an edge. Embracing a vendor-agnostic approach, our platform bridges the gap between various AI ecosystems, allowing effortless compatibility with all major Cloud AI services. Catering to enterprise needs, we facilitate Bring Your Own AI (BYOAI), empowering organizations to leverage their proprietary models within our system. Moreover, our support extends to a diverse range of vector databases, enabling the incorporation of Language Model (LLM) embeddings, enhancing versatility and efficiency in AI-powered solutions. Embrace a unified AI experience that transcends vendor boundaries and harness the power of diverse AI services for unparalleled innovation and growth.

Databricks Preview

Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is gearing up for its highly anticipated launch on Databricks Delta Lake platform, complemented by a series of AI features. Check out our private preview.

AWS Redshift

Now fully SaaS and AI-ready, Matillion empowers data teams to maximize their cloud investment on AWS Redshift. Explore our preview program.

Snowflake GCP and Azure

Expanding our footprint, Matillion's Data Productivity Cloud is coming soon to Azure and GCP, ensuring powerful capabilities within your preferred cloud environment. Talk to sales today to get started!

Everyone Ready: Empowering Every Data Team Member

Breaking barriers to data problem-solving is pivotal in today's data-driven landscape. Our platform aims to democratize access, empowering users of all levels with intelligent features that elevate productivity. Technical-savvy individuals find a powerful ally in our system, as we enable them to seamlessly integrate AI into their data pipelines, amplifying their capabilities. It's important to note that while AI serves as a potent enhancement, it complements rather than replaces the expertise of data engineers. We emphasize collaboration between human expertise and AI innovation, fostering an environment where both thrive harmoniously, ensuring efficient and effective solutions to complex data challenges.

Co-Pilot / Auto-Documentation

Early next year, experience an AI-ready co-pilot and auto-documentation, simplifying pipeline development and enhancing productivity.

High Code Enhancements

Matillion integrates seamlessly with Git and Github, adding an internal coding IDE for enhanced customization and control.

Introducing the Matillion Data Pipeline Language (DPL). DPL simplifies data pipeline definitions, provides an abstraction layer for underlying infrastructure complexities, ensures portability and resilience, and facilitates seamless integration with various data sources, processing engines, and storage systems. Its modular, reusable components streamline operations, fostering innovation within the Data Productivity Cloud. As an open-source language, we invite partners and customers to build on it for industry-wide benefits.

Data Lineage

Introducing groundbreaking internal lineage functionalities for more efficient development and faster error resolution. 

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AI Ready: Transformative AI Features on the Horizon

Crafting a future-proof system is our cornerstone. Our platform's extensibility lies at the core, offering flexibility in model selection and fine-tuning, ensuring adaptability to emerging trends and user preferences. Committed to openness, we embrace open-source principles, respecting industry standards, and seamlessly integrating with major AI projects like LangChain. By aligning with established standards and contributing to collaborative AI initiatives, we fortify our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our users benefit from the latest advancements while maintaining interoperability and scalability.

LLM-enabled Pipelines

Soon, low-code prompt engineering will empower every data engineer with our graphical AI Prompt, seamlessly integrating with existing systems for advanced information extraction, summarization, and more.

Pipeline RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Integration with vector databases to supercharge LLMs with external customer knowledge, a key element for growing LLMs on selected customer datasets.

Model Fine-Tuning

Next year, graphical components will empower data teams to build fine-tuning data pipelines, adjusting LLMs with specific task data. 

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Empowering Every Data Engineer: The GenAI Vision

Matillion's AI vision is centered around empowering every data engineer, introducing a low-code/no-code graphical AI Prompt component. This addition enables data engineers to seamlessly incorporate prompt engineering within LLM-enabled pipelines, significantly boosting productivity and unlocking the vast potential of unstructured data.

The model-agnostic design allows users to select their preferred LLM, set the appropriate context, and drive prompts at both speed and scale. This technology seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enabling information extraction, summarization, text classification, NLP, sentiment analysis, and judgment calls on any source connected to Matillion.

Ciaran Dynes, Chief of Product at Matillion, shared his insights: "The role of the data engineer is evolving at pace. With the advent of GenAI, data engineering is about to get much more interesting."

Security and Explainability at the Forefront

With a strong emphasis on security and explainability, Matillion's GenAI solution ensures data sovereignty, transparent articulation of results, and actively addresses bias elimination concerns. This commitment aligns with Matillion's broader ethos of making data more productive.

Your Next Steps: Dive Deeper into the Future of Data with Matillion

For more information on these exciting announcements and to gain early access, have your customers and prospects sign up for our AI Preview. Additionally, explore our on-demand Data Unlocked conference content for a closer look at each feature.

The future of data is now, and Matillion is at the forefront, ready to unlock the true potential of your data journey.