Chief of Staff

    The Role

    Matillion is a fast growing, always changing company. The CEO and the Executive Team have competing demands on
    their time and resources, yet need to consistently innovate quickly then execute with a high level or rigour, discipline
    and swiftness. The Chief of Staff role at Matillion will provide oversight, guidance and execution capability to the
    projects and programmes of high importance to the CEO and Executive Team. They will provide an interface between
    the CEO/Executive team and other layers of the business. And they will provide support to the Executive Team’s most
    important activities, such as staff meetings and off-sites. This is a dynamic, varied and senior role working for the CEO
    and as a member of a fast moving, high leadership quotient executive team. The successful candidate will find
    themselves hearing the conversation, providing the supporting data, then executing the implementation of a wide
    range of programmes and initiatives across all areas of a high growth software business.


    Key Areas of Responsibility


    Strategic Organisation

    • Act as a consult to the CEO and exec team
    • Assist the CEO in facilitating effective decision-making and use of resources based on a wide knowledge of projects
    • Coordinate the execution of strategic initiatives decided by the exec team
    • Assess inquiries directed to the CEO, determine the proper course of action and delegate to the appropriate individual to manage
    • Ensure all issues are monitored and keep track of progress until resolved
    • Within program management gathers information across the organisation to feed-back and support prioritisation


    Executive Team Support

    • Provision/delivery of (and if required, assembly of) key business data and KPIs before and during executive team meetings e.g. staff meeting, off sites
    • Ownership of staff meeting and offsite meeting agendas, format/decision frameworks, productive running of the meetings
    • Ownership of exec team action log (from staff meetings, board meetings, executive team meetings). You will capture, clarify and document the actions during such
      meetings, work with the involved execs and other teams to get the actions done, then report back to the exec team
    • Advises exec team on priorities
    • Ultimate responsibility for meeting scheduling, timing, agenda, hygiene and accountability, with the authority of the CEO, and in doing so, helping set the standard
      across Matillion as a whole


    Programmes, Projects and Actions

    • With the authority of the CEO and the Executive Team, you will work with Executive Team members, other layers of Matillion and 3rd parties (suppliers, partners,
      investors, etc) to implement the projects, programmes, actions and measurements decided by the CEO or Executive team

    ○ This may at times be you personally implementing projects, programmes, actions and new measurements
    ○ More often it will be you coordinating and being responsible for the completion of projects, programmes, actions and implementation of new measurements

    • You will take the projects, programmes, actions and measurements from the CEO or Exec Team and where necessary, work with autonomy to flesh out
      implementation detail, whilst maintain sound judgement on when to check back in or ask for guidance, and when / how to provide situational awareness/update.


    Data and KPIs

    Much of the work of the CEO and Executive Team is informed by data. Some of the data exists and is presented, some exists and is not presented, some does not exist. The
    Chief of Staff will:

    • Overall, supported by the CEO, champion and advance the use of data in Executive Meetings and supporting activities
    • Be responsible, personally, for the presentation, annotation and (where required) explanation of data during meetings
    • At the request of the CEO or Exec team, where that data exists but isn’t presented, or doesn’t exist, the CoS will – on a one off or systemised basis, as appropriate –
      collate and present the data, or put in place the project, programme and/or system to gather the data


    Exec Support

    • Understands the profiles of the exec team and works with the VP People to support the exec team to perform their duties in the most appropriate way
    • Advises exec team on priorities and follows up on contributions to strategic initiatives
    • Keeps up to date with industry and functional trends and shares reading and concepts with exec team or wider organisation where appropriate



    • Supports on administrative tasks such as setting up meetings, filing, organising calls
    • Manages calendarization of exec level and company initiatives



    • Live the Matillion values; reflects Matillion’s values through demonstrating positive behaviours
    • Represents the CEO and the exec team
    • Maintains absolute confidentiality at all times


    Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required



    • Proven track record of positive impacts with senior teams
    • Ability to manage senior stakeholders’ expectations
    • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to work collaboratively and see the bigger picture



    • Master’s degree in strategic business or equivalent
    • Project management skills, experience or qualification


    Personal Capabilities Required, e.g. skills, attitude, strengths

    • This role requires working across multiple timezones and helping remote colleagues via screenshare or skype. Excellent communication skills are essential
    • Some problems will require significant time investment so being able to manage your own workload and prioritisation without supervision is important
    • Our development teams have a high demand on their equipment; identifying solutions which work for those requirements may need a can-do and flexible attitude


    Matillion Values

    These values are the same across all roles, functions and geographies in Matillion. You will go through an exercise on joining that looks in details at the values and relates them to your own role.


    1.    We are Confident without Arrogance: We take pride in what we do but we stay humble.

    2.    We work with Integrity: We have a strong moral compass; we are transparent, and we hold ourselves accountable.

    3.    We are Customer Obsessed: We will always go above and beyond to listen to, acknowledge and value our customers.

    4.    We Innovate and Demand Quality: We believe no product, process or individual is finished.

    5.    We have a Bias for Action:  We get things done…in a considered way.

    6.    We Care about our People and or Communities: We treat people how we would like to be treated.



    Please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you feel you are a strong candidate for this role to