ETL Product Manager

    The Role

    The Matillion ETL Product Manager plans and manages product features to exploit Cloud Data-warehouse technology
    along with other Cloud Services to best deliver value to Matillion customers


    Key Areas of Responsibility


    Partner Roadmap Alignment

    • Working closely with our Partners’, at Redshift, Snowflake and Big Query, roadmap and features to further develop the Matillion product.
    • Develop user stories for these new features to help all areas of the business understand the problems, how Matillion ETL in conjunction with the cloud/data warehouse
      technology can solve it, and the the steps required by the end-user to achieve a successful outcome.
    • Work with the R&D Team Lead to launch, scope and review R&D projects


    Continuous Product Improvement

    • The ETL product manager along with the Product Director will gauge the feature-completeness of various areas of the product and raise improvements for them.
    • Analyse past support cases that resulted in work-arounds and raise improvements for them
    • Improvements can be prioritised according to their value (based on ARR Levers and Utility)
    • Facilitate backlog refinement sessions to deliver targeted improvements to specific product areas.


    Bug and Feature Triage

    • To be an escalation point for bugs to help understand their impact and severity on likely customer scenarios
    • To help reproduce bugs that are highly-specific to a given use-case or partner feature


    Feature Analysis and Delivery

    • Before and during development of a feature, provide expert guidance on likely use-cases, participate in stand-ups, provide user-stories describing the steps involved,
      generate realistic test/training datasets
    • Resolve blocking issues that prevent progress
    • Liaise with other business areas as appropriate


    Product Marketing Liaison

    • The ETL Product Manager contributes to the Product Marketing team, communicating the product roadmap vision and providing detailed content for areas such as
      Product Documentation and Marketplace page wording
    • To collaborate with Product Marketing to understand and document the personas, particularly buyer personas, encountered in our ecosystem in order to help Product
      Marketing best promote our offerings
    • To understand and document the non-buyer personas encountered by other areas of the business in order to test the impact of any proposed changes
    • To work with the Product Marketing team to run customer-facing feedback sessions
    • To understand and document competitor tools, their features, and how they overlap with Matillion.



    • Live the Matillion values; reflects Matillion’s values through demonstrating positive behaviours.


    Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required



    • Broad high-level knowledge of Amazon Redshift, it’s use-cases, and how it is used by Matillion ETL customers.
    • Broad high-level knowledge of Google Bigquery, it’s use-cases, and how it is used by Matillion ETL customers.
    • Broad high-level knowledge of Snowflake, it’s use-cases, and how it is used by Matillion ETL customers.
    • Expert, deep knowledge of at least one of Amazon Redshift, Google Bigquery or Snowflake.
    • In-depth knowledge of using Matillion ETL for Redshift, Snowflake or BigQuery for real-world use-cases.
    • Broad high-level knowledge of the Cloud products, their use-cases, and how they may be relevant for Matillion ETL customers for at least one of Amazon AWS, Google Cloud
      Platform or Microsoft Azure clouds.
    • Experience of using competitor ETL tools to deliver projects.



    • Expert knowledge in any of the Essential skills.


    Personal Capabilities Required, e.g. skills, attitude, strengths

    • Inquisitive – needing to know how something works, not just being comfortable knowing it does work
    • Determined – Keeping a clear vision for a deliverable and not having it derailed or weakened
    • Detailed – an eye for detail is essential, this is primarily a technical role and you will be required to understand the minutiae of SQL, API calls, 3rd party technical
      documentation and so on
    • Persuasive and Convincing demeanour – success in this role will require effort from many other people and teams, therefore getting people on-side and motivating them
      to achieve shared goals will be important. This will mostly be achieved by convincing everyone you are the expert
    • Forward-looking – excellent planning and organisational skills
    • Multi-tasker – with a very broad coverage, being able to prioritise between multiple competing priorities will be essential


    Matillion Values

    These values are the same across all roles, functions and geographies in Matillion. You will go through an exercise on joining that looks in details at the values and relates them to your own role.


    1.    We are Confident without Arrogance: We take pride in what we do but we stay humble.

    2.    We work with Integrity: We have a strong moral compass; we are transparent, and we hold ourselves accountable.

    3.    We are Customer Obsessed: We will always go above and beyond to listen to, acknowledge and value our customers.

    4.    We Innovate and Demand Quality: We believe no product, process or individual is finished.

    5.    We have a Bias for Action:  We get things done…in a considered way.

    6.    We Care about our People and or Communities: We treat people how we would like to be treated.



    Please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you feel you are a strong candidate for this role to