Product Analyst

    The Role

    The Product Analyst works as part of the R&D Team curating the product backlog, improving the quality of requests
    and determining the priority of fixes and features

    Key Areas of Responsibility


    Bug Triage

    • To use the ETL product(s) in order to reproduce and/or investigate bugs and specify the success-criteria for any proposed fix
    • To proactively assign a Priority and an Owner to bugs as they are raised
    • To proactively contact individuals who raise JIRA tickets to help improve the quality of requests
    • To liaise with other members of the Product Team to help understand the impact and severity of a bug on customer projects


    Feature Triage

    • To proactively assign priority and ownership to improvements and feature requests as they are raised
    • To assess the utility and impact on ARR of each improvement and feature request to determine its relative priority
    • To work with the R&D Team Lead to decide if the feature requires a separate R&D phase


    Owner for all Open Items (Tickets)

    • To review and close incomplete or tickets
    • To work with stakeholders to group tickets along product themes and initiatives (backlog refinement)
    • To work with other business areas to improve the quality of all new tickets raised



    • Live the Matillion values; reflects Matillion’s values through demonstrating positive behaviours.


    Functional or Technical Knowledge and Skills Required



    • Ability to understand complex concepts related to Data and Software development.
    • Familiar with ETL concepts.
    • Familiar with at least one cloud data warehouse.
    • Familiar with modern cloud technologies, at least one of AWS, GCP or Azure.
    • Some knowledge of SQL.



    • A degree in a computing or IT related subject.
    • A working knowledge of Jira (or similar Issue Tracking software)
    • Familiar with multiple modern cloud technologies.
    • Familiar with multiple cloud data warehouses.
    • Familiar with at least one Matillion ETL product


    Personal Capabilities Required, e.g. skills, attitude, strengths

    • Diligent – Giving constant attention to all open items without losing track or forgetting any of them
    • Resilient – You will often be telling other members of staff that their bug report or feature request doesn’t meet the minimum quality to be considered
    • Inquisitive – Faced with incomplete information, you’ll enjoy experimenting to fill the gaps instead of being frustrated at the lack of detail
    • Self-motivated – Faced with competing priorities and a backlog of work created by others you’ll be motivated to keep on top of it all


    Matillion Values

    These values are the same across all roles, functions and geographies in Matillion. You will go through an exercise on joining that looks in details at the values and relates them to your own role.


    1.    We are Confident without Arrogance: We take pride in what we do but we stay humble.

    2.    We work with Integrity: We have a strong moral compass; we are transparent, and we hold ourselves accountable.

    3.    We are Customer Obsessed: We will always go above and beyond to listen to, acknowledge and value our customers.

    4.    We Innovate and Demand Quality: We believe no product, process or individual is finished.

    5.    We have a Bias for Action:  We get things done…in a considered way.

    6.    We Care about our People and or Communities: We treat people how we would like to be treated.



    Please send your resume and cover letter explaining why you feel you are a strong candidate for this role to