Case Studies

    British manufacturer Countax deliver sales & inventory analysis with SaaS BI

    I wish we had done this years ago…

    Darren Spencer, Director of Distribution & Aftermarket Sales, Countax Ltd


    Award winning British manufacturer Countax Limited has been leading the way in the design and production of garden tractors and ride on mowers in the UK for nearly 30 years.  Their ‘Countax’ and ‘Westfield’ lawn mowers are designed to cut and collect grass even in the wet and are extremely versatile.  Their state of the art factory and 100 employee team are based in Great Hasely, Oxford.

    Countax needed to improve their ability to make use of business data in decision making.

    Data in their ERP (Sage 500) and other core systems was hard to access by users to gain business insight in a valuable way.  Ability to query information was restricted to individuals with the necessary technical skills, causing bottlenecks.

    Reports were manually compiled, which was time-consuming and costly.  Consistency, duplication of effort, different people asking different people for same information and discrepancies were all problems.

    David Sturges, Managing Director at Countax, summarised, “We had the information, or rather the data.  The challenge was accessing and using it.  In some areas, we just weren’t asking for the information we needed, as we knew it was going to be painful to get”

    How Matillion Helped

    Matillion implemented a SaaS BI solution for Countax, integrating comprehensively with their Sage 500 ERP, as well as with an in-house developed, bespoke system for warranties.

    Countax selected Matillion’s Sales Analysis, Inventory Analysis, Supply Chain Analysis and Finance Analysis modules.  As such they now have comprehensive coverage across their business operations within the SaaS BI platform.

    Countax users are able to access powerful, easy-to-use, self-service reporting and business intelligence, allowing them to self-serve.  Bottlenecks have been removed.  Because Matillion BI includes a SaaS Data Warehouse, Countax now work from a “single version of the truth”, avoiding duplication and discrepancies.

    “The reporting ability that comes from this business intelligence system has greatly aided the business” says Lisa Vedder, Management Accountant in the Finance team at Countax.

    “Our departments are using this analysis and reporting capability to guide strategic direction and decide where to target energy.  We didn’t have this level of visibility before.”

    Darren Spencer, Director of Distribution and Aftermarket Spares confirms.  “Our business has long suffered with insufficient or difficult to access data from our ERP system.  The addition of Matillion to our business instantly achieved significant improvement.  Quick access to data used to drive the business forward is now easily accessible.  Wish we had done this years ago…”

    What would you say to others considering Matillion?

    Vedder again, “The Finance department will save many hours of time with reports that can be automated and scheduled through Matillion, freeing us up for other activities”.

    And what about the implementation itself?

    “The system is easy to work with.  Almost more importantly, the staff are very friendly and always willing to help with any query, at the start, during and after the implementation.  Any issues are always dealt with promptly.  Even the training was great.”

    Would you recommend Matillion BI to others?  Yes.

    Are you considering a business intelligence project? How would self-serve reporting and BI  save your team time and help them get access to the information they need?