Easy to Use. Self-Serve. Fast to Implement.

Get the information you need, without delays and bottlenecks, and a reporting platform that actually works.

Matillion BI provides enterprise class Business Intelligence and reporting, without the pain. Companies struggle to turn their data into useful management information in a timely and efficient manner. Data is buried in systems, spread across different systems, locations and databases. Reports are created manually in Excel, by high value employees who become bottlenecks.

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions have been the historical “best” solution to this problem, but they have always been costly, complex and time-consuming to implement.

Matillion BI has radically reduced the cost, complexity and time to implement Business Intelligence and Self-Service Reporting. Using Matillion technology, companies can implement enterprise-class Business Intelligence, Self-Service Reporting and big data analytics in weeks, rather than years. Save time, report faster and more accurately. Self-serve to build and access reports. Drill-down into business data held centrally, with one single version of the truth, all without needing technical expertise.

“Quick access to data used to drive the business forward is now easily accessible. I wish we had done this years ago…”

Darren Spencer, Countax

Matillion BI turns business data into useful, usable information. Saving time and giving managers and executives the tools they need to make timely, informed decisions.

One, always up-to-date, version of the truth that everyone can access. Central reporting over multiple systems without needing to embark on expensive, high-risk system replacement projects.

Easy to use, powerful, modern reporting tools that can be accessed securely from anywhere: desk, home, mobile or even shared with customers or suppliers.

Matillion BI Features

Matillion BI delivers the features you need to create reports, analyses and dashboards, whilst being easy to use and designed for the business user

  • Create new reports in minutes with easy-to-use self-service reporting
  • Scheduling. Send tailored reports to individuals, teams and third parties automatically by email
  • Powerful, intuitive drill-down, drill-through, pivot and slice functionality
  • Beautiful HTML 5 charts, graphs and data visualisations
  • Microsoft Office integration. Export directly to Excel, Word, Powerpoint and PDF
  • Business rules. Create business measures and KPIs automatically
  • Mobile. Multi-touch enabled for tablet users. Dedicated iOS and Android apps
  • Pixel perfect report design. Create stunning dashboards and sophisticated, print-ready reports

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