Next generation cloud data needs next-level data productivity.

In the cloud, data can be used with new levels of scale and speed. But with these things come complexity, demand and resource pressure. It's clear ETL tools need an upgrade.

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How can the Data Productivity Cloud help me?

With Basic ETL

Demand for data cross the business is skyrocketing but overseeing the mismash of different tools means there's no time to evaluate new solutions and innovations.

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77% of data leaders believe data preparation and migration takes longer than it should.

With Matillion

Data architecture is streamlined-at scale-with tools and pipelines managed and governed through a central platform, into which new sources can be integrated easily.

Slack Logo With Matillion, Slack reduced workflows for extracting data from up to 10 per source to just 1 →
With Basic ETL

Loading and transforming large volumes of data for the business takes ages. A lot of time is spent fixing problems and fighting fires. And demand just keeps growing.

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57% of teams' time is spent on data migration and maintenance.

With Matillion

With all the tools to load, transform, reverse ETL and orchestrate in one place and universal connectivity to make integration faster, it's easier to meet the demands of the business—even at scale.

DocuSign Logo With Matillion, DocuSign reduced runtime of ETL workloads by 75% →
With Basic ETL

The business needs its insights yesterday-but the data backlog means a long wait to get what you need. Sometimes the only solution is to DIY, but this takes up valuable time.

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66% of data leaders believe their organization wastes valuable time on data preparation.

With Matillion

Use low-code tools to load and transform multiple datasets quickly, so you can focus on uncovering new insights and supporting data-driven decision making across the business.

FLG Logo With Matillion, FLG cut load time from 1 hour to 5 minutes →

Build your platform for insight, innovation, and acceleration

Remove constraints

Integrate more data with pre-built connectors (APIs), Change Data Capture (CDC), and fluid integrations with your existing data stack.

Free up resources

Stop data teams getting caught up in infrastructure by simplifying and automating orchestration and maintenance.

Empower data practitioners

Reduce reliance on hand coding, using assistive tools to speed up integration, delivery and development.