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$1.37 per hr
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$5.48 per hr



Up to 2 per Node
Up to 5 per Node
Up to 12 per Node


Up to 6 per Node
Up to 15 per Node
Up to 36 per Node

Product Features

Transformation Components

30+ transformation components allow you to perform advanced data transformations in a graphical user interface. These include Filter, Join, Aggregate, Calculator, Rank, Table Input/Output, and many more.

Orchestration Components

90+ Orchestration components allow you to orchestrate your ETL processes from start to finish.


60+ native integration components for third party systems (see the integrations page for a full list)

Generic API connnector

The API Query Component in Matillion ETL allows you to integrate with almost any JSON or XML based API. The component converts the API into a pseudo SQL dialect that can then be queried in a similar way to any normal database. This data can then be copied to a table by the component.


Collaboration features include live collaboration, job versioning, integration with DevOps and third-party SCM systems; and multi-environment and multi-schema support for controlling environments.

Dynamic Jobs using an advanced variable system

SQS Integration

Post a message to an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue. Other applications can read those messages and perform further processing.

Scripting in Bash and Python

Run a Bash or Python script

Component Generation Tooling

S3 Load generator, Spectrum export

Project Import/Export

Jobs, environments and variables can be exported from one Matillion ETL instance to be imported to another.

Job Scheduler

Matillion ETL features a scheduler that will launch orchestration jobs automatically at a pre-defined regular time interval. Schedules are set up against a project and you can have multiple schedules set up. The scheduler is straight forward to set and based on Quartz technology.


Matillion ETL has versioning features to help you manage versions of your ETL Transformation and Orchestration Jobs. Versioning supports many use cases but perhaps the most typical is to be able to snapshot your development at a point in time to designate as “live” or “production” etc and then continue working on the Default Version.

Credential Management using KMS

Matillion ETL can integrate with other platform-specific services in your account, provided you have authorised it to do so. This is not compulsory, although some parts of the product (such as S3 data loading) will not work without appropriate authorisation.

Multiple security options

By default Matillion ETL users are authenticated against an internal user file however it is possible to authenticate users against an Active Directory or other LDAP directory server, turn on and off SSL including certificate management and add and remove users from the local directory using the Administration application.


Through the search tab, users can perform a search (partial match) on any term. This search will span all jobs, notes and component properties within a project and return any matches.

Task Managment

Whenever an orchestration or transformation operation is performed by Matillion ETL a Task is created. As an overall Orchestration or Transformation task is performed (such as executing an Orchestration job) the overall Task is broken down into more granular tasks as the execution continues. Task information can be gathered and scrutinised in several ways. Task information is immediately available in the Task panel at the bottom-right of the client interface, giving concise information on recently-run tasks and how they have progressed. These tasks can be viewed in greater detail using the Task Info screen. Meanwhile, a fuller report on all tasks logged by the instance can be found in Task History.

Redshift Compatibility

Support any size/type of Amazon Redshift cluster

Support for Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift allows you to run SQL Queries in Amazon Redshift directly against data sets in your S3 data lake in Text, Parquet, SequenceFile and other formats. Matillion ETL offers first-class support for all key Amazon Redshift Spectrum features and allows users to combine Amazon Redshift Spectrum data with regular Amazon Redshift data in transformations.

Enterprise features

HA Clustering

Allows jobs to be run on clusters that can survive node failures, automatically resubmitting jobs that fail.


Almost every service and function in Matillion ETL has been laid out for admins to enable or forbid user access. Micromanage what different users are able to do on the client. Set up read-only users, forbid the deletion of resources or allow scheduling of tasks.

Generated Documentation

One-click generation of documentation for any given job, yielding a downloadable report that details the job layout, components, SQL and properties.

Audit Log

The Audit Log shows a list of significant activity within a Matillion Instance. Most actions by users are logged here in detail such that they are accountable for any changes made.