Data Load, Data Preparation and ETL for Amazon Quicksight


  • Built for AWS, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3 and Amazon Quicksight
  • Launch as an AMI straight into your VPC.  Secure, simple to deploy and paid for via your existing AWS account.  5 minute setup
  • Load data into Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift to support your Amazon Quicksight use case
  • Join, transform, orchestrate and schedule your data pipeline process in a modern, lightweight, powerful and feature rich ETL/ELT tool designed specifically for AWS.
  • Schedule data load and transformation and combine with other data, processes and services
  • Process millions of rows in seconds. Typically at least x100 faster than traditional ETL
  • From $1.37 per hour.  14-day free trial

High performance data integration for Amazon Quicksight via Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3

How to Get Started



Load and Prepare Data for Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight uses data held in either Amazon Redshift, or Amazon S3. Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, the built-for-AWS data integration tool, can load data either directly into Amazon Redshift, or into Amazon S3 via Amazon Redshift, to support Amazon Quicksight use cases. Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift is a fast, modern, easy-to-use and powerful ETL/ELT tool that makes it simple and productive to load and transform data. 100 x faster than traditional ETL technology, 5 minute AMI set-up and prices from $1.37 per hour, with no commitments or up-front costs.

With a few clicks you can load data into Amazon Quicksight, via either Amazon Redshift or Amazon S3. Load data from: S3, RDS; relational, columnar, cloud and NoSQL databases including MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL, MariaDb, Oracle, Teradata, IBM DB2, Sybase and Amazon Aurora. Also from any FTP/HTTP data source; MS Windows file shares; any REST, SOAP, or JSON API; and from Google Analytics/Adwords, Salesforce and, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, Facebook, Twitter, MS Excel, Google Sheets, Hubspot, OData and many more.

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift transforms data using the underlying power of Amazon Redshift and prepares it for analysis in Amazon Quicksight, at eye-popping speed in a productivity-orientated, browser-based graphical development environment. Expect 50% reduction in ETL development effort and months off your project as a result of the streamlined UI, perfect integration to AWS and speed.

Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift delivers a rich orchestration environment where you can orchestrate and automate data load and transform; send data on to Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3 or Amazon RDS; control flow; integrate with other systems and AWS services; leverage Python, Bash and SQL scripts; iterate; manage variables; create and drop tables; vacuum and analyse; soft code from configuration tables; implement transaction control; setup alerting; and develop data quality, error-handling and conditional logic. Matillion ETL also delivers version control, scheduling, collaboration and an API for external integration.


How it works

  • Load data, from a wide variety of sources, into Amazon Redshift
  • Join, embellish, transform and enrich data in a powerful, high-performance, graphical data transformation environment
  • Add error handling, flow control, monitoring, alerting, scheduling, iteration, retry logic, Python or bash scripting, integration to AWS core services and more
  • Output data to finished Amazon Redshift tables, or to Amazon S3 (with an automatically generated manifest file) ready for use by Amazon Quicksight

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