High performance API Driver for Amazon Redshift


  • High performance data load
  • Simple configuration
  • Supports standard and custom objects
  • Read data from any JSON or XML based API with ease
  • Schedule data load and transformation, combine with other data, processes and services

High performance API Driver to get data into Amazon Redshift

How to Get Started



API Query Component

The API Query component in Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift provides high performance data load from any JSON or XML based API, into Amazon Redshift. The component converts the API into a pseudo SQL dialect that can then be queried in a similar way to any normal database. This data can then be copied to Redshift by the component.

If you would like you connect to a custom API, please contact Matillion Support for further details


Features and Benefits

The API Query component in Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift delivers fast data load performance and simple configuration, whilst being extensible to the most sophisticated data load and transform requirements.

  • Fast – load and transform data into Redshift at high speed
  • Powerful query engine – query standard and custom objects using SQL. Define filters and conditions
  • Basic and Advanced modes. Basic mode provides simple data selection and filtering. Advanced mode provides a powerful SQL-like interface to query the API
  • Secure –SSL encryption for in-flight data. Authenticate using username/password and token, or OAuth
  • Implements Redshift best-practice – automatically sets column encoding settings on data loaded from the API. Specify distribution style (Key, Even or All) and Compound/Interleaved sort keys
  • Standalone data load or sophisticated integration – combine API load data with data from other databases and systems. Integrate with other AWS services including RDS, S3, SQS and SNS
  • Monitor load status. Comprehensive logging, audit and alerting features


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