MongoDB to Snowflake integration

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  • High performance data load
  • Simple configuration
  • Flatten, select and filter MongoDB documents
  • Schedule data load and transformation, combine with other data, processes and services


High performance integration of MongoDB data into Snowflake

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MongoDB to Snowflake Query Component

The MongoDB Query component in Matillion ETL for Snowflake provides high performance data load from your MongoDB database into Snowflake. This component connects to a MongoDB server to retrieve and load data into a Snowflake table.

Easily load MongoDB data into Snowflake tables, as standalone jobs or as part of sophisticated integration orchestrations.


Features and Benefits

The MongoDB Query component in Matillion ETL for Snowflake delivers fast data load performance and simple configuration, whilst being extensible to the most sophisticated data load and transform requirements.

  • Fast – load and transform MongoDB data into Snowflake in a drag-and-drop interface
  • Basic and Advanced modes. Basic mode provides simple data selection and filtering. Advanced mode provides a powerful SQL-like interface to query the MongoDB database
  • Flatten nested document structures into columns, or return as JSON.  Create and select columns definitions by automatically sampling documents
  • Secure –SSL encryption for in-flight data
  • Implements Snowflake best-practice – automatically sets column encoding settings on data loaded from
  • Standalone data load or sophisticated integration – combine MongoDB data with data from other databases and systems. Integrate with AWS services including RDS, S3, DynamoDb, EMR, Kinesis, SQS and SNS


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