Matillion provides world class support to all of our customers.

Support Center Portal

Visit the Matillion ETL for Snowflake Support Center for comprehensive documentation, articles, set-up guides and forums. The Support Center portal covers everything from getting started to advanced configuration, component tutorials and new release notes.

Users are can ask questions and collaborate with other users using the forum, which is also monitored by Matillion’s support team.

In-Client Support

Get support information for each component through the ‘Help’ tab in the Matillion interface. Selecting a component on the canvas and then navigating to the ‘Help’ tab will expose a brief version of the online documentation for that component. Read more about In-Client Support here.

YouTube Tutorial Series

Visit the Matillion YouTube channel to find setup guides, step-by-step job walk-throughs, webinars, customer testimonials, component tutorials, new release announcements, and more.

Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date. New videos are published every week.


If you’d like further support, Matillion can help with that Our Consulting Team can deliver:

  • Initial setup
  • Best practices and documentation
  • Design, performance tuning and troubleshooting
  • Overview of Matillion functionality and components
  • Design and build services
  • API connector profile design

Get in touch with our sales team or arrange a demo to find out more about our consulting options.


“Onboarding to Matillion ETL was easy. The documentation and technical support has been great.”

Matt Boegner, Data Engineer

Upside Business Travel