Matillion Modern Slavery Statement

This Modern Slavery Statement is made on behalf of Matillion Ltd., (“Matillion”) in compliance with the requirements of the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015. Matillion is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free from human trafficking and slavery. We do not tolerate or condone human trafficking or slavery in any part of our global organization or supply chain. This statement expresses our firm commitment to protect and advance human dignity and human rights in our global business practices.


Organizational Structure

Matillion is The Data Productivity Cloud. We help teams get data business-ready, faster – accelerating time-to-value and increasing the impact data can have. Matillion Ltd. is a limited UK company and does not have any other subsidiaries or affiliates based in the UK.


Supply Chains

Given the nature of our solution, our supply chains are limited and narrow in scope. We do not act as a producer, manufacturer, or retailer of physical goods and have no supply chains in relation to such activities. Our products are developed and maintained by our employees. Our suppliers predominantly provide cloud and SaaS services, professional services (i.e., marketing, audit, tax, accounting, legal), and office equipment or other business hardware. We further work with a limited number of contractors, most of whom are based in the United States, and all of whom also provide a limited scope of professional services.


Risk of Modern Slavery

Based on the nature of our business, workforce, and solution, the risk of modern slavery in our operations is low. Additionally, given the nature of our suppliers detailed above, the risk of modern slavery in our supply chain is also low.


Actions Taken to Address Modern Slavery

While we engage in an industry that would not ordinarily be considered at risk of the perils of modern slavery, we take our obligations and responsibilities seriously and as part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk we maintain a range of policies and processes, which include the following:

  • Pay and remuneration: We are compliant with all minimum wage acts in the jurisdictions in which we operate.
  • Onboarding policies: When onboarding new contractors and other third-party suppliers, we obtain contractual or procedural assurances regarding ongoing compliance with applicable laws, as well as our policies and procedures.
  • Working conditions: We ensure that working conditions provided at our offices meet the relevant accepted standards, including with respect to health and safety of personnel.
  • Governance and oversight: all internal audit issues and risk assessment duties are met by the relevant departments (Legal, Finance, People Ops). Each of these departments have reporting responsibilities to executive management.
  • Company Values: We have a strong focus on our six core values. Each new employee of Matillion participates in our orientation program which highlights these values, which are also prominently displayed on our website. While all our values are equally important to us, the most relevant for the purposes of this statement is: “We care about our people and our communities.” Modern slavery is the antithesis of this value and thus the antithesis of our company.


Next Steps

We recognize that combatting modern slavery is an ongoing, ever-present effort, and we are committed to continuously monitoring, evaluating, and iterating on our current practices and policies. We will continue to keep apprised of legal requirements and best industry practices regarding the prevention and eradication of modern slavery.