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Fast, flexible and modern data solutions from Matillion and HVR

Matillion and HVR support most commonly used relational databases, on-premises or in the cloud.

Efficient and real-time

Only changed data is transferred via log-based CDC and compressed via HVR’s proprietary algorithm, reducing load on source systems. Matillion’s easy-to-configure ELT jobs take advantage of the scalable processing power of the cloud data warehouse, rapidly reducing job run-times.


HVR encrypts data before it’s moved. Because of HVR’s distributed architecture, data can be routed via a firewall proxy, mitigating vulnerabilities. Matillion ELT jobs leave the data securely in the cloud data warehouse, eliminating the need to move data outside of enterprise maintained environments.

Data trust

HVR and Matillion can be trusted to deliver accurate, verifiable data. Enterprises can also use Matillion’s Data Lineage capabilities to understand data origin and trace any potential errors across transformations.