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Get the most out of your investment in Amazon Redshift with Matillion

Amazon Redshift accelerates your time to insights with fast, easy, and secure analytics at scale. And Matillion’s seamless integration with Amazon Redshift gives you even more value, with an intuitive interface and architecture optimized for Amazon Redshift’s key features:


Leverage Amazon Redshift best practices directly in data pipelines for improved efficiency.


Transform data in Amazon Redshift for business intelligence, predictive analytics, and AI/ML.


Set up alerts and notifications using AWS SNS & SQS. 

Data ops

Use features such as data partitioning, external schemas, and components for reading from and writing to S3.

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Seamlessly consolidate data, accelerate workflows, and maintain accuracy

Investing in Matillion means acquiring a comprehensive data integration solution that can fit seamlessly within your existing tech stack. It delivers immediate value by helping data teams to centralize and transform data from any source into business-driving insights at speed. Matillion also ensures data security, cost-efficiency, and future relevance, while its rapid implementation and competitive edge empower data-driven decisions, contributing to a strong ROI for your business.