Accelerating Time to Insight [On-Demand Webinar]

Accelerating Time to Insight: How LiveRamp revamped its data transformation with automation [On-Demand Webinar]

In the on-demand webinar Matillion, Slalom and LiveRamp to discuss how to accelerate time-to-value by automating data transformation processes. Our experts will share how they’ve used automation in their cloud data strategy and provide their tips for doing the same in your business.

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Accelerate Time to Insight [ebook]

In this ebook, we’ll cover how to automate and streamline the data transformation process so your business can accelerate insights, make better decisions based on accurate information, reach business goals, and think bigger.

Security in the Cloud: An Enterprise CSO’s Journey [On-Demand Webinar]

Hear Kyruus CTO and CSO Chris Gervais and Matillion Principal Architect Arawan Gajajiva discuss how to safely move high-value data in a hybrid cloud environment.

The Data Leader’s Guide to Enterprise Cloud Security

Most hesitation and uncertainty concerning cloud adoption centers around data security. But instead of asking, “is my data secure in the cloud?” cloud consumers should be asking themselves, “am I using the cloud securely?” Download our new eBook for tips on keeping your business intelligence architecture secure in the cloud.

Modernize Your Data Warehouse [ebook]

It’s time to modernize your data warehouse in order to improve your business’ ability to be proactive, competitive, and agile in light of new data insights. Learn how you can modernize your data warehouse in the cloud and improve overall efficiency.

User Guide to Machine Learning and Data Transformation in the Cloud

Download the ebook to better your understanding of machine learning and how it can help your business gain valuable insights to stay competitive.

Designing a Data Lake: Learn from the Experts [Webinar]

Join us on Tuesday 4/2/19 at 11 AM EST to learn from experts Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist and Strategic Advisor at Snowflake, and Paul Johnson, Solution Architect at Matillion. Find out how to leverage Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) or Azure Blob to build your data lake on Snowflake.

The Essential Guide to Data Lakes: Designing Data Lakes to Optimize Analytics

This eBook shows how a modern data lake architecture can be designed to optimize advanced, enterprise-ready analytics.

How to Build a Data Analytics Platform to Support your End-to-End Data Journey

This whitepaper will outline the key tenants of a data analytics platform and illustrate how your business can adopt cloud technologies to design a fit-for-purpose solution that is cost efficient and scalable.

Ebook: Optimizing Snowflake

You've selected Snowflake as your cloud data warehouse - now what? Read our 'Optimizing Snowflake' ebook to understand how to get the most out of your data and get the results you are seeking.