The 10 best BI blogs you may have missed this month

  • Richard Thelwell
  • August 27, 2015

10 best bi blogsBusiness Intelligence blogs are a great way to keep up to date with the latest news, views and ideas surrounding BI and Analytics. However, with so many blogs out there; from vendors, users and thought leaders in the industry, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track. That’s why we’ve produced this list of the 10 best BI blogs you may have missed this month.

1. 10 Steps For Cloud Business Intelligence Success – Information Management

Management Associates, in collaboration with TIBCO, have produced this useful 10 step guide with advice on implementing a successful Cloud Business Intelligence strategy in your organisation.

2. Is Your BI Tool Designed for Mobile? How to Tell & Why It Matters – Business2Community

Mobile Business Intelligence is a hot topic right now, with these solutions allowing employees to access critical business insights ‘on-the-go’. This empowers users across the business to make smarter decisions, armed with the information they need, in the palm of their hands.

This BI Blog from Justin Cox further explores the benefits of Mobile BI, and the industries in which it has potential to have the biggest impact. It even has a handy checklist to determine whether or not your BI tool is designed for mobile.

3. Hit the road running with a new BI initiative – Forrester Research

Boris Evelson is a leading expert in the field of Business Intelligence, with over 30 years of experience implementing enterprise software and applications. He is a principal analyst at leading research organisation Forrester, and is a regular contributor to their blog.

In his latest post, Evelson tackles a common challenge that many organisations have when first setting out on a Business Intelligence implementation …“how do I get started with BI?”

This useful BI blog post provides an 8 step guide to kicking off your Business Intelligence project, avoiding some common mistakes. He believes that by determining your business goals and objectives, and thinking about the underlying data architecture BEFORE selecting a BI platform, you are likely to be in a better position to ‘hit the road running’.

4. How Big Data and Analytics Are Changing Football – Bernard Marr

This month saw the eagerly anticipated return of the Premier League football season, and Bernard Marr took this opportunity to explore an interesting use case of Big Data Analytics.

bi bogs analytics football
Football clubs are becoming increasingly reliant on the use of performance analytics

The use of analytics is becoming widespread throughout the world of sport, and football is no exception, with Marr arguing that the sport is beginning to fully realise the advantages that can be gained from performance analysis.

In the modern game, the application of analysis techniques and technologies can give teams a genuine competitive advantage, and can even be the difference between winning and losing. But how will this affect the sport going forward?

5. Big Data in 2016: 3 Bold Predictions from Industry Insiders – Better Buys

2015 is far from over, and yet many Business Intelligence experts are already looking towards next year. This BI blog from Better Buys asks 3 leading experts in the field for their predictions on Big Data in 2016, and is definitely worth a read.

6. Top 3 Challenges Retailers Overcome With Business Analytics – Smart Data Collective

The Retail sector has consistently produced some of the best business intelligence use cases, and this post by Larisa Bedgood explores some of the key challenges retailers can overcome with business analytics.

This post centres on a recent study by RSR Research which asked retailers to name the top 3 challenges which they believe have prompted the increased use of analytics throughout their business. Check out this interesting BI blog to find out what these top 3 challenges were…

7. Big Data Security: Why it’s a Problem and What We Can Do About It – Smart Data Collective

In a month where we have seen yet another large scale data leak dominating the news, the events at Ashley Madison have once again brought to the forefront issues surrounding corporate data security.

bi blogs big data security
The attacks at Ashley Madison have raised concerns over Big Data security

This Business Intelligence blog on Smart Data Collective looks at some of the major Big Data security challenges that are facing businesses and suggests some possible actions to improve Big Data security effectiveness.

8. Cloud, Services, and Security — Two out of Three isn’t Good Enough – Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality

Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality is a fantastic BI Blog from Jim Harris which focuses on data quality, data governance, data management, business intelligence, big data analytics, and data science.

In a recent post, Harris discusses three individual words which can be used to encapsulate many of the key debates around Business Intelligence; Cloud, Services and Security. He argues that when it comes to cloud, services, and security, choosing two out of three often isn’t good enough. What we really need, Harris states, is secure cloud services.

And here are 2 of our own…

9. 6 Business Analysis Techniques You Need to Know – Matillion

The most popular BI Blog post on Matillion’s Business Intelligence blog this week explored the ‘6 Business Analysis Techniques You Need to Know’.

bi blogs business analysis techniques

In today’s world of data visualisations and dashboards, the choice of the right business analysis technique is important. Business analysis techniques can tell you a lot about your business, how it is performing, and whether there are any areas for improvement.

Our Latest blog provides a selection of our favourite business analysis techniques.

10. The Era of Cloud Computing – Matillion

era of cloud computing timeline

In August we launched our brilliant new Interactive Timeline, exploring the history of Cloud Computing. It’s packed full of useful information, visualisations and videos.

The term “cloud computing” may be commonly uttered in businesses all over the world, but its complex history is less well known. Our timeline charts the era of cloud computing, from its beginnings back in the 1940s, to its use in modern day businesses, and even looks towards its future!

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