3 Hidden Benefits Of Cloud BI

  • Richard Thelwell
  • October 14, 2014

By and large, the benefits of Cloud BI are well understood. Cloud BI delivers benefits much sooner than on-premise BI, for instance. Cloud BI is not only cheaper, but more affordable, coming as a fixed-price monthly subscription, rather than as a capital expenditure investment. And, not least among the benefits of Cloud BI, it’s easily scalable, making it ideal for fast-growing businesses.

But there are other benefits of Cloud BI. Hidden benefits of Cloud BI, which are easily overlooked, but which can significantly add to the overall benefits of Cloud BI. Put another way, going down the Cloud BI route delivers the time-to-benefit, affordability, and scalability that you’d expect—with the hidden benefits of Cloud BI coming as a welcome bonus.

So what exactly are these hidden benefits of Cloud BI? Read on.

The hidden benefits of Cloud BI #1: Empowered analytics.

More than any other aspect of business intelligence, Cloud BI delivers real reporting power to ordinary users right across the organisation. And it does so in the form of easy-to-use self-serve reporting.

From a technical perspective, that happens because the ‘heavy lifting’ involved in laying the foundations for that self-serve reporting is achieved through leveraging the computing horsepower of the Cloud to build the data warehouse and ‘data cube’ that self-serve reporting requires.

So there’s no need for IT personnel to get bogged down writing reporting scripts every time there’s a need for a new analysis to be run.

Simply put, ordinary users can do it themselves, creating and running new reports at will, using simple, easily-learned tools.

The hidden benefits of Cloud BI #2: One version of the truth.

When a business goes for Cloud BI, with a Cloud-based data warehouse and ‘data cube’, it automatically gets something else that is of value, too: one version of the truth.

Because in the absence of that one version of the truth, it’s all too easy for organisations to spend significant time and effort debating the facts, not the discussing the best solution to the problem at hand.

How much time is wasted in your business, for instance, debating which of two contrasting spreadsheets is the one that is actually correct? Or repeatedly going back to the finance function to check that spreadsheet-based extracts and analyses contain no obscure errors or misleading assumptions?

More time than you’d care to admit, we’d guess.

The hidden benefits of Cloud BI #3: Enhanced responsiveness.

What do you get when you combine an organisation empowered to deliver its own analytics, with an organisation that has finally been given one complete, accurate version of the truth?

In short, an organisation that can drill down faster than ever to identify the root causes of problems, and move swiftly on to identify solutions to those problems.

Put another way, Cloud BI gives you Business Intelligence as it ought to be: insights into operational, financial, and sales performance; insights delivered without debate over their accuracy; and insights delivered on-demand, far faster than could ever be possible with traditional on-premise business intelligence solutions.

All of which adds up to one thing: enhanced responsiveness.

The bottom line.

Does that sound compelling to you? It does to us, and to a growing number of Matillion Cloud BI customers.

In short: powerful, affordable, and scalable, Cloud BI is also genuinely transformative, giving businesses ready access to fresh insights with which to hone their competitive edge.

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