3 Surprising Benefits of Cloud BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • October 22, 2013

3-suprising-benefits-cloud-biThe names that we give to things often define how we think of them. So too with Cloud BI. The inevitable temptation is to focus on the technology of the Cloud, and on the contrast with the on-premise delivery of business intelligence. But give Cloud BI another name — Low-cost BI, for instance, or Rapid Deployment BI, or Capital-Light BI — and the focus moves away from the technology, and its perceived risks, onto the benefits.

And to be sure, Cloud BI is just as accurately described by these alternative names. With a very low upfront cost — no hardware, no software purchase, no lengthy implementation — Cloud BI is surely Capital-Light BI.

Likewise, rapidly rolled-out and delivered, Cloud BI is also Rapid Deployment BI. And with affordable monthly payments, and the low upfront cost, Cloud BI is equally surely also Low-Cost BI.

But Cloud BI also confers other benefits. And three of them — while obvious once pointed out — may surprise you.

Cloud BI is mobile BI

Unlike on-premise solutions, cloud-based Business Intelligence has been designed from the ground up to be accessed remotely.

Which means that your people can have up to date business intelligence with them, wherever they are. Walking the factory floor. At a customer’s premises. At a supplier’s premises. While travelling. And they can have it whenever they need it — instantly, with no fuss, and from whatever mobile device is to hand.

Cloud BI is BI for growing businesses

That same ‘accessed from anywhere’ logic is ideal for growing businesses, too. Yes, it’s easy to on-board new employees.

But it’s just as easy to add new offices, branches, subsidiaries and factories to the business intelligence solution. At home or abroad. All that’s needed is access to the Cloud.

No additional servers, data warehouses, or other infrastructure. All that’s needed is access to the Cloud.

Cloud BI is safe and secure BI

Early worries over cloud-based systems in terms of security and uptime have proved groundless. None of us think twice about using the Cloud in our everyday lives — as the popularity of Google, Facebook and other cloud-based services proves.

And in the world of business, cloud-based tools such as Salesforce.com and Microsoft’s Office 365 are proving just as popular.

Even so, at Matillion we take neither security or availability for granted.

In terms of security, for instance, Matillion BI allows you to control exactly who sees what, allowing you to ensure that a user only gets the information that they need to see, and nothing else. In this way you can share analytics and self-serve reporting with managers, employees, and even suppliers or customers.

In short, our security provisions are extensive, with encryption that exceeds banking standards. And our data centres are accredited to SAS Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI standards. In other words, put your BI with us, and it’s almost certainly safer and more secure than an on-premise solution.

Cloud BI: the bottom line

Compared to traditional on-premise solutions, Cloud BI is quicker to deploy, has a lower upfront acquisition cost, and a lower ongoing cost.

But you probably already knew that.

Throw in mobile BI, BI for growing fast-growing businesses, and safe and secure BI, and the move to the Cloud become compelling.

So is it a move you’re ready to make? Find out more by downloading our Free E-book below.