4 Reasons Cloud BI Should be on Your Radar

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • November 6, 2013

4-Reasons-Cloud-BI-Should-be-on-Your-RadarBusiness intelligence is fast becoming an integral tool for many businesses and their users and Cloud BI is the latest innovation in business intelligence that provides a host of extra benefits. Here are 4 reasons why Cloud BI should be on your radar.


Access Anywhere Anytime

You know that feeling when you need to run a last minute report just before an important meeting with a client 250 miles away from your office? Fear not, because unlike traditional business intelligence systems Cloud BI allows data to be accessed anytime anywhere. The ability to access data and reports makes things much easier for the user trying to access them, be it the managing director, finance manager or sales guy.

Maximise efficiency

Cloud BI can help to improve and even maximise the efficiency of your business. Faster, better, anytime access to reports results in two things – money saved in man hours and money gained due to better decisions.

Andre W. Klien provides a perfect example of how Cloud BI can maximise efficiency in Business2community “Let’s consider an example. It may take days for an accounting department to prepare its monthly financial report using traditional tools. However, with adequate business intelligence software, the same department will be able to rapidly obtain the required financial data, and automatically generate the report with a simple mouse click.” It is these type of time savings that are extremely noticeable, as so much time is freed up.

It’s not just for the market leaders

Business Intelligence systems are no longer just for the enterprise powerhouse companies. Cloud BI opens up business intelligence to medium sized businesses. Cloud BI also has huge benefits for growing companies. We have already established that it can be accessed anywhere but it can also extract data from anywhere. This means companies need not fear growth, new offices, factories and takeovers as all the new system data can be added to the existing Cloud BI framework with relative ease.


No more relying on problematic spreadsheets

Whereas spreads are very useful, businesses can often run into problems if they rely on spreadsheets alone, especially the more complex they get! By implementing Cloud BI and making sure all users have sufficient training to allow them to use it correctly they will be less inclined to rely on spreadsheets and your business will feel the benefit. Some common problems that can be avoided are:

  • Having to find and deal with errors in the spreadsheet which have caused knock on problems.
  • Spending more man hours and thus money than necessary to maintain spreadsheets
  • Poor data analysis

Implementing Cloud BI can eradicate these problems as well as many more.


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