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4 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Snowflake Summit 2021

This is the announcement banner for Snowflake Summit 2021

This is the announcement banner for Snowflake Summit 2021


Snowflake customers and partners know that June means one thing: Snowflake Summit. Snowflake’s biggest event of the year typically draws Snowflake users from all over the world to attend keynotes, parties, and workshops related to all things Snow. It’s one of our favorite events of the year, and even though it’s still virtual, we’ll still be there and we have our eye on a few activities that we think are worth attending. 


Snowflake Summit 2021: Data Together Now


The theme of Snowflake Summit 2021 is Data Together Now, and that falls right in line with our mission: to bring all of your important data together in the cloud data platform and make it a valuable, useful resource for innovation and better decision making.


This year’s Summit has a host of interesting speakers talking about everything from financial services to consumer packaged goods, from personalization to machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here are our picks for the week.


1. Data integration, football, and LEGO at our virtual booth


Naturally, if you’re going to check out Snowflake Summit 2021, we want you to make one important stop: the Matillion virtual booth. Stop by, say hello, and register to win an Old Trafford LEGO Creator Expert set. Even if you’re a Liverpool fan, you have to admit it’s pretty cool. 


Win an Old Trafford LEGO set at Snowflake Summit 2021
Register to win at the Matillion virtual booth!






Find out more about Matillion ETL for Snowflake and how it’s helped hundreds of Snowflake enterprise customers go faster and do more with data in the cloud, including:


  • Helping Slack reduce the time needed to create critical revenue metrics from 6 hours to 30 minutes
  • Enabling Cisco to reduce ETL application spend by 84 percent by switching from Informatica to Matillion
  • Docusign’s launching Matillion in minutes and their entire data engineering team becoming proficient in Matillion in less than 2 weeks  


2. Using modern analytics to personalize experiences


In modern analytics, data goes beyond the dashboard. Forward thinking enterprises use their data for reporting and business intelligence, but they are also using machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict outcomes and prescribe next best actions; turning data into new products and services; and personalizing customer experiences to meet constantly changing customer needs, often in near-real time.


Personalizing Customer Experiences at Data-Obsessed Companies

June 8, 10:45am PDT


In this session,  you’ll learn how Kraft Heinz, Albertsons, and Instacart are using real-time data and the Snowflake Data Cloud to give customers experiences that go above and beyond, by:


  • Delivering personalized, omnichannel customer experiences
  • Making programmatic optimizations for supply chains and service delivery
  • Creating new revenue streams by monetizing previously untapped data
  • Redefining team collaboration with live, seamless data sharing


Matillion ETL: Useful data for accurate, personalized experiences


Hear these large enterprises tell their stories, then visit the Matillion booth to learn how  low-code, no-compromise data integration technology that’s optimized for Snowflake can help bring in the right data and reduce preparation time to help make this kind of personalization possible, and get those personalized insights back into operational systems where users can act upon them.


Learn how Matillion and Snowflake help TUI prepare and transform data faster to gain valuable customer insights for personalization


3. Data science, AI/ML, and the Data Cloud


Data science remains one of the fastest growing disciplines at companies around the world, and AI/ML are increasingly becoming a reality for lead scoring, predicting churn, informing future strategy, and more. But many data scientists spend far more time collecting and preparing data than they do modeling and analyzing it. Modern cloud data platforms like Snowflake are bringing data engineers and data scientists closer together to collaborate and share data from a unified environment. 


Collaborative and Scalable Data Science with the Data Cloud and Machine Learning

June 8, 12:45pm PDT


In this session, Caterpillar talks about how they increased collaboration across analytics teams by unifying data and building a scalable machine learning solution in the Snowflake Data Cloud. The leader of Caterpillar’s data and analytics architecture will show how his team used a combination of Amazon S3, Amazon SageMaker, and Snowflake to build and deploy models leveraging billions of data points from semi-structured telematics data. 


Matillion ETL: Unified data and closer collaboration to help data scientists stay agile


After the session, learn from Matillion experts how cloud-native data integration enables enterprises to unify data in the cloud to create shared, secure, analytics-ready datasets. Data engineers and data scientists can collaborate more effectively, bringing experimental data products to production faster and helping data scientists ramp up faster and stay agile. 


Learn how Matillion helps enterprise data scientists build better models and spend less time prepping data

4. Harnessing the Internet of Things for better insight


Increasingly, the data we need in order to make smart decisions for the business doesn’t come from user input–it comes from devices, sensors, and systems. This semi-structured data tells a holistic story about how people are using products, how those products are working, and how to dial the supply chain to maximize efficiency and costs. But the dynamic nature of this data and its sheer volume present real challenges to businesses, in terms of collecting and centralizing it, teasing out the value from the noise, finding what’s valuable and narrowing down the attributes that are going to make a difference for analytics and personalization. 


Using Snowflake’s Support for Semi-Structured Data to Enable IoT Insights

Wednesday, June 9, 11am PDT


The medical device industry is on the forefront of collecting and leveraging IoT data to help drive better outcomes for patients and providers. In this session, Ryan Bosshart, CEO of phData (a Matillion partner), explains how Medtronic has been able to combine telemetry data from its StealthStation S8 devices with enterprise data from sources like Salesforce and SAP with the help of Snowflake’s VARIANT data type and SQL functionality for semi-structured data. This use case has set the standard at Medtronic for supporting future data-enabled devices.


Matillion ETL: Combining and enriching structured and semi-structured data in Snowflake


The key to gaining real insight and business value lies first in centralizing semi-structured IoT data into a cloud data platform like Snowflake. But the critical next step is being able to join and enrich that data with information from other sources and operational systems to unlock its real potential and tell the whole story. Matillion helps data teams get the structured and semi-structured data they need into the cloud data platform and make it useful for analytics and operations across the business. And it helps data teams do it faster by minimizing hand-coding, automating tasks, and creating repeatable jobs and workflows. 


Learn how Matillion and Snowflake helped Momentum Energy save 30 percent on data loading and transformation times for interval meter data.


Visit Matillion at Snowflake Summit 2021


We hope you get a chance to take in these sessions and all that Snowflake Summit 2021 has to offer. Be sure to stop by the Matillion booth to learn about the real business value that Matillion ETL brings to enterprises in financial services, retail, healthcare, technology, energy, and more. 


Visit our booth



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