4 Top Reasons Cloud BI is Flying High

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • October 10, 2013

4-Top-Reasons-Cloud-BI-is-Flying-HighCloud BI is the new fashion in the business intelligence world. This is down to the cloud itself becoming all the rage.

As more and more people are neglecting to carry around USBs in favour of accessing documents on the cloud it is only natural that the business world will follow this trend and access offsite data warehouses through the cloud. When used correctly Cloud BI can put you and your company on cloud 9.

In this post we will demonstrate four top reasons why Cloud BI is continuing to be adopted by some of the world’s leading companies through to SMBs

 Lower start-up costs

Gill Allouche (@gilallouche) discusses how the cloud can provide less start-up costs in SmartData Collective “It provides everything from the basic infrastructure to ready-to-use applications.  Business owners only have to plug in and go.” Cloud BI offers the same benefit for businesses as no hardware or implementation costs must be paid for in most cases. Compare this with on-premise business intelligence where hardware and software both need to be installed and implemented at the escalating cost of consultants and developers.

 Access Anywhere at Anytime

A crucial benefit of Cloud BI is the ability to access your data wherever you are at whatever time.  This article on Quantica Technology talks about how the ability to access your data anywhere anytime through Cloud BI can benefit managers and staff. “They have the ability to conduct these assessments while on the go which is a great tool to have when heading into a high profile business meeting. It makes the lived of managers and staff much more simpler.”


Cloud BI as part of a company’s strategy is becoming increasingly important. This is something that Justin Kern (@IMJustinKern) discusses here when talking about a recent report: “When asked to rank the importance of cloud-based BI in terms of strategy, the largest change from last year came in those who put it as ‘critical’ at 16 percent, up 6 percentage points compared with 2012”

Reasons behind this include allowing more people across a company make data driven decision making and a reduction in time and effort involved with reporting.

 Faster Implementation

Due to the technologies around Cloud BI it is faster to implement then traditional Business Intelligence platforms. This can be seen in our case studies section where several of our clients have found the fast implementation a big positive. Here is what a couple had to say:

 “I found the Matillion implementation very quick, very efficient and most of all the after service has been great” Nat Southworth, Sales and Marketing Director, Hornby Plc

“We thought the deadline was a tall order but Matillion pulled out the stops to meet their commitments – a refreshing change on many of our experiences on the IT front”  Paul Holliday, Financial Director, Henry Colbeck

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