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5 Business Benefits You Can Realize With Matillion Data Loader

business benefits of Matillion Data Loader

business benefits of Matillion Data Loader


It’s no secret that loading data into the cloud is a top priority for a vast majority of modern businesses. In fact, according to our recent IDG Marketpulse survey, nearly 100 percent of businesses either planned to move data to the cloud or planned to continue the process of cloud data migration within the next few years. In fact, your business might be planning a major cloud data initiative right now. 


There are many reasons for organizations to move their data to the cloud, including increased cost and operational efficiencies. Moving your data with Matillion Data Loader can help you realize several tangible business benefits. Here are six of them.


Keep up with exploding data volumes


Also noted in our IDG Marketpulse survey, data within the companies we surveyed was growing at an average of 60 percent per month. Some survey participants noted data growth of 100 percent per month. Matillion Data Loader helps you to keep pace with rapid data growth, with the ability to scale up data loading as you need to. You can also schedule data loading jobs to run every few minutes, hours, or days. And you can easily bring in data from multiple sources, enabling you to increase the breadth of your data in the cloud. 


Break down data silos


Your company’s data resides in multiple data silos across the organization. Not only is that data inaccessible from department to department, different people might be collecting the same data in different ways, resulting in inconsistencies. Matillion Data Loader is an incredibly easy way to centralize data from these siloed data sources into one targeted cloud data source, helping to eliminate errors in reporting and increase the efficiencies of your teams. The result? Consistent, centralized data, accessible when you need it.


Move faster


Loading data with solutions that require DevOps and coding takes time that most IT departments would like to save. Matillion Data Loader takes just a few steps and a few minutes to set up. It’s an entirely no-code way to create data pipelines and load data into the cloud. Processes working together more efficiently with less manual intervention allows data professionals to manage the entire migration process without needing IT assistance. This frees up technical teams to move faster and focus on complex data transformation, machine learning, and other business critical tasks.


Promote a strong data culture


Most businesses aspire to be more data driven, meaning that data is an intrinsic part of organizational culture and everyday processes. A product with the simplicity and speed of Matillion Data Loader can empower Citizen Data Professionals across the organization to load their own data, run their own analytics, and gain faster, better insight. 


Save money


Data loading and migration to the cloud can be risky and expensive, depending on the solutions you choose. Matillion Data Loader is a no-cost product. And it’s SaaS-based so your business also saves on infrastructure and maintenance costs.  


Accelerate your data journey


Data migration is more extensive and more frequent than ever. Businesses need an extract and load solution that supports them in achieving that important tactical goal. But that solution also has to be flexible enough to support your changing data needs and accelerate your data journey toward more extensive data initiatives in the cloud. Matillion also offers Matillion ETL, a transformation solution that further enables businesses to aggregate their data to unlock hidden insights.


Matillion Data Loader can help you  load valuable data into the cloud simply and quickly,  helping your business accelerate time to value and realize a host of other business benefits. To get started with the product, sign up today. See for yourself what Matillion Data Loader can do for your business. 


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