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5 Key Data Trends to Watch For in 2022


Wondering what the new year has in store for your data management operations? Paul Lacey and Mark Balkenende, Senior Directors of Product Marketing for Matillion, tackled the topic in a webinar now available for streaming, Data Integration Trends in 2022.

Scorecard for 2021 data predictions: how did we do?

First, learn more about  Matillion’s predictions for 2021 and how they panned out: 

  • Prediction: Data pipeline commodification. Many data integration providers launched pipeline offerings over the past year, making these solutions a standard commodity within data management. Matillion grade: A 
  • Prediction: AI and machine learning (ML) movement into cloud data warehouses (CDW).  In 2021, CDW solutions increasingly incorporated AI and ML technologies, allowing users to perform data analytics and other sophisticated tasks within the CDW environment. Matillion grade: A
  • Prediction: The reemergence of data lakes. While most organizations use data lakes in some capacity, the technology didn’t reemerge to replace other solutions exactly as anticipated. Matillion grade: B
  • Prediction: The rise of data fabrics. Enterprises continue to incorporate data fabrics, but the technology didn’t achieve the wide scale adoption predicted for 2021. Matillion grade: D
  • Prediction: Continued emphasis on data governance. Enterprises do need tools and intelligent technology to assist in data governance across environments, but this trend was less prevalent than anticipated. Matillion grade: C+
  • Prediction: Chief Data Officers (CDO) as owners of the tech stack. Democratization of the data management infrastructure proved challenging; IT teams still retain control of the tech stack within most organizations. Matillion grade: F

Our forecast for 2022: where do we see data management going? 

Watch the video for a deeper dive into these likely data trends for 2022, including:


  • The return of Change Data Capture. Find out how the needs and use cases for this capability are evolving and why it matters for your business.
  • Operational analytics moving into the cloud data platform. Learn about a shift with the potential to optimize marketing efforts and enable more proactive customer service.
  • The year of DataOps. Gain insight into exactly what is DataOps (hint: it’s not DevOps for data) and why more and more teams will continue adopting it.
  • The data mesh debate. Get up to speed on the topic that “broke the Internet” in data management circles last year and continues to spark debate.
  • Cost optimization for cloud. Find out why the concept of cost optimization for cloud environments isn’t just about spending.  

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Watch the Data Integration Trends in 2022  webinar now.

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