5 of the best Business Intelligence Infographics

  • Richard Thelwell
  • March 13, 2015

business intelligence infographicBusiness Intelligence Infographics can be a fun and informative way of illustrating some of the key concepts surrounding BI and Analytics. In this article, we take a look at 5 of our favourite.

Here at Matillion, we love a good Business Intelligence Infographic!

We’ve put together a collection of 5 of our favourites, exploring a range of different topics in the industry.

1) The History of Business Intelligence

This Business Intelligence infographic featured on Business Computing World charts the history of Business Intelligence from 1958 – 2013.

History of Business Intelligence Infographic

The landscape of the industry is constantly evolving and has come a long way in this time.

Furthermore, this great Business Intelligence Infographic breaks down the key events in this period into 4 categories; Industry, Technology, Commercial and Future.

2) Business-Driven Business Intelligence and Analytics

This Business Intelligence Infographic from TDWI explores the shifting balance between Business and IT when it comes to driving an analytics project.

Business Intelligence infographic business driven

Although IT staff still play a vital role in these projects, it is clear that the spotlight is now on business-driven business intelligence. This is highlighted by the fact that 62% of respondents had seen an increase in the role of the ‘business side’ when it comes to BI, Analytics and Data Warehouse technology.

3) Data never sleeps & Data never sleeps 2.0

These Business Intelligence infographics created by Domo help to illustrate how much the volume of data has changed over recent years.

The original business intelligence infographic from back in 2011 represents the amount of data created on the web every single minute through a range of sources. These sources include emails, YouTube videos, Facebook, Twitter, website pages and search engine queries.

Business Intelligence Infographic data never sleeps

The second business intelligence infographic revisits this a few years later to see how much has changed. It also explores more recent sources of web data such as Whatsapp, Pintrest and Tinder.

Business Intelligence infographic data never sleeps 2.0

An interesting statistic from the second infographic states that the global internet population grew by 14.3% between 2011 (the year the first version was created), and 2013.

4) What Video Game Best Describes Business Intelligence at Your Company?

This fun business intelligence infographic from Logi Analytics represents the results of a 750 person survey, where IT managers were asked to choose which video game best described BI at their company.

Business Intelligence Infographic video game

And Finally… One of our own Business Intelligence Infographics…

5) Familiar Challenges with Management Information and Reporting?

This light-hearted business intelligence infographic humorously tells the story of some of the challenges companies face when it comes to management reporting.

Click on the image below to view the full version of our Infographic

Business Intelligence infographic management information challenges

It’s based on the stories we’ve heard whilst talking to hundreds of companies about their management information and reporting challenges.

You might even find that some of the stories resonate with yourself.

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