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5 Things a Leader Needs to DO: Communicate


In times of heightened anxiety, people look to and are comforted by those they trust.

We should look to present an authentic, reassuring and concise set of messages that are reinforced and supported by other leaders and managers at every level in Matillion.

Importantly, this isn’t a one-and-done. In a crisis, communication should match the fluidity of the circumstances and the anxiety that’s running through our business.

We should get to the point where we’ve said something so often that people can’t possibly not have heard it on several occasions – we need to be confident that our communication is:

A) Of high quality

B) Frequent enough to reach everyone multiple times.


And, finally, communication, by definition, isn’t a one-way street. There has to be a balanced talk : listen ratio where we listen carefully and empathetically.


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This guide was created by internal members of Matillion, however, some content pulls directly from Korn Ferry’s “The Coronavirus Leadership Challenge”.

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