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6 Real Life Examples of Successful Business Intelligence Systems

6-Real-Life-Examples-Successful-Business-Intelligence-SystemsBusiness intelligence systems can sometimes be a sensitive subject. It’s received bad press for being costly and coming with a high risk. More recently, Deloitte reported that executives at some of the world’s largest companies see analytics and business intelligence systems as a leading threat to their business.

This article will show you real life examples of how businesses have successfully benefited from implementing business intelligence systems.

In the Deloitte report, it is said 44% of respondents list business intelligence systems as enablers or disruptors that may threaten their business model, which makes it second most concerning technology threat. With that it mind the main reason included concerns around how to grasp it properly and many recognised it as something that could be of benefit if used wisely.

One example of how business intelligence systems have been maximised is at women’s underwear manufacturer Maidenform. Their CIO Bob Russo said recently after implementing BI, “Providing targeted information at the right place and time is central to improving the decision-making process. This would allow us to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as increase retail customer, shopper and shareholder value. We want to make sure that we are able to deliver ‘one version of the truth’ and deliver information that is actionable. We do not want to just deliver data.”

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Bravissimo is another underwear manufacturer who benefited from using business intelligence systems. They reportedly linked their BI tool to the MET office to predict changes in weather. A move which sparked great results for them in the UK summer that has just passed.

In a completely different industry, ANZ, proudly tooted their horn in the past when it comes to business intelligence systems. “The analysts are no longer spending all their time building better reports. They are actually doing business analysis that is improving processes and making a real difference.” Proof of the powers that self service BI can bring to a company.

Just Eat CIO Carlos Morgado also talked about how he implemented a cloud strategy for the online food takeaway business. “We wanted to use off-the-shelf toolsets and not to waste time building what you can buy.” He went further and stated “I would recommend cloud to everyone. I wish I had been a bit more aggressive and moved to the cloud earlier”

Plantronics and Connotate are another two companies who have used business intelligence systems to their benefit. More specifically dashboards. InformationWeek suggest Plantronics used dashboards to give a better and graphical view of their opportunity pipeline and help managers by suggesting better allocations of sales resources. Keith Cooper, the CEO on Connotate, delves into more detail in the same article saying that the dashboards inside business intelligence systems allowed them to focus on more profitable business, saving them time and money whilst also boosting customer satisfaction rates.

You can find more examples of how businesses have benefited from cloud business intelligence systems by visiting our case studies section.

Otherwise download a complete guide to successfully implementing business intelligence systems below. 

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