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6 Tips for a Successful Matillion ETL Trial


You’ve signed up for a Matillion ETL trial on Matillion Hub. Congratulations!

Now what?

Believe it or not, there is a lot you can do in less than a month. In fact, you can complete a full Matillion ETL proof of concept (POC) in just 14 days.

If you’re on the starting block and ready to move, here are six tips that will help ensure that you have a successful Matillion ETL trial.


Tip 1: Define your goals


Before you launch your first instance of Matillion ETL, define your goals. What are you hoping to gain from the product, and learn from the trial run? Maybe it’s:

  • Loading data more quickly
  • Transforming data more efficiently
  • Finding efficiencies to streamline the ELT process for your whole team
  • All of the above, or something else

It’s helpful to know exactly what you’re aiming for so you can accurately assess the success of your project.

You’ll also need to be able to assess the performance of your project. Talk to your Matillion reps about how you can use metrics to determine if you’ve achieved your desired outcome.


Tip 2: Start small


Choose your first project carefully. Start with a small project so you can build up your skills and confidence working with Matillion ETL. But also make sure you choose something that will show immediate business value for your stakeholders. For example, moving Salesforce data from the application to a cloud data warehouse and building a reporting model using Matillion transformations is a common Matillion ETL POC.


Tip 3: Assemble your team and your permissions


Your project will depend on several technologies. Let’s say you’re going to do a project that involves moving Salesforce data to Snowflake. You’ll need to get the owner of Salesforce on board so you can gain access to that data. You’ll also need to collaborate with the owner of Snowflake to ensure that you have the right configuration to move the data from source to target.


Tip 4: Always be thinking about security


Even if you’re just in the trial phase, it’s never too early to be thinking about security. In the cloud, security is a shared responsibility: Modern cloud platforms and services have solid security features, but you also want to be sure that you are operating in the cloud in a secure and compliant way.


Tip 5: Take advantage of Matillion Community and support resources


If you have questions while working on your first project, check out the Matillion ETL community to get support from current Matillion customers and Matillion solution architects. There is a wealth of information in the Community from some true Matillion ETL power users (one of which you may become someday.)


You can also have your Matillion rep connect you with our support team. We are committed to providing world-class support to all of our customers, from our teams to our support pages. Whether you’ve got questions, issues, or even general feedback, we are eager to help. Communicating with our customers gives us the opportunity to help users get more from their Matillion experience. And it helps us make better products.


Tip 6: Trial going well? Start planning next steps


If you’re having a successful trial, now’s the time to start building successful data loads. Take notes on performance: It’ll help you gauge what size of Matillion ETL you will need and estimate the number of credits you require.


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Learn more about having a successful proof of concept


To learn more about how to have a successful Matillion ETL proof of concept in 14 days, download our ebook, Your Guide to a Successful Proof of Concept. It offers tips and a day-by-day plan for achieving a solid proof of concept within your trial period.