8 Myths About Cloud BI Busted

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • February 18, 2014

8 Myths About Cloud BI BustedIt is common for executives to tread cautiously around Cloud BI. The very term “Cloud” gives some managers a knee-jerk reaction, an outcome which is due to the many stories that are told around hosting data.

However, these stories are just that – stories. In this post, we will become myth-busters, demonstrating why Cloud BI is a better choice than an on-premise Business Intelligence solution.

We explore some of the most common myths below.

1. Cloud BI is not secure

Security concerns have been one of the main barriers to Cloud adoption in the last few years but we have found that these concerns are decreasing as people become more aware of the truth. The main question to ask around security of your data is around relative risk. Are your local computers, servers and networks better protected than most cloud data centres? Usually, the answer is no. One survey suggests that 90% of businesses have been hacked, a figure that would have been reduced with the better security provided by Cloud BI.

2. Cloud BI is not reliable

There have been many reports of how the Cloud can affect how and when you can access what you want or need. After all you are relying on external factors and also the internet. On the other hand, what companies do not always consider are situations such as laptop dying your computer freezing or servers going into meltdown. With economies of scale, Cloud BI is better equipped to deal with these so-called typical issues. To back this up further, Microsoft released this study stating the cloud increases reliability.

3. Cloud BI is bad for the environment

Greenpeace has openly talked about how large data centres consume high amounts of energy, and it is right. But to say that the Cloud, and Cloud BI with that, is bad for the environment is false. When businesses move from their own on-site facilities to a Cloud provider, energy use and pollution levels are usually reduced. As companies look to reduce their carbon footprint, the cloud is one viable approach – especially when you can use renewable energy like Apple and Facebook.

4. Cloud BI is a fad

We think it is safe to say Cloud BI is no passing fashion. With companies adopting and embracing the technology, the concept is proven and it will only become more prevalent as firms like SAP and Oracle use the technology.

5. Cloud BI is one-size-fits-all

Some might tell you a Cloud BI solution is bolted on regardless of your system or data requirements. This is simply not true. At Matillion, every Cloud BI implementation is bespoke and tailored to each client’s requirements and needs.

6. Cloud BI is pay-per-use

Whereas some Cloud BI providers may offer pay-per-use, we do not. We want you to use the software as much as possible since we have seen that businesses which use our tool more thrive and grow. Our pricing is based upon the number of modules and users you require, not how much you use the tool.

7. Cloud BI will not integrate with my systems

This is another common misconception – and for a number of reasons. Here are a few of the phases we have heard over time which did not affect us. “Our system is too old. It was built in the 70s.” “Our ERP is bespoke and has been rebuilt and bolted on several times. You won’t be able to get the data out” “We have over 10 ERPs globally and the data is far too complex. You cannot make false promises.”

These are issues we tackle and solve every day and since Matillion was created there has not been a system with which we could not integrate.

8. Cloud BI costs more over time

Now this can be seen as true to some extent but the cost issue depends on the period you are looking at and how realistic you are being. If you look at a 20-year time scale, you might assume Cloud BI would be more expensive than an on-premise solution. But are you considering upgrade costs? The extra IT staff you will need to maintain an aging system? The server that will need to be replaced due to the extra load carried? Not forgetting whether you want to replace your old on-premise BI system after 10 years – at a large cost. Cloud BI will often outlive a traditional Business Intelligence solution and is usually justified this way. In a truer reflection Cloud BI is more cost-effective and comes with fewer or no capital costs.

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