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Advice As You Embark On Your Data Journey (VIDEO)


Starting out on your data transformation journey can seem daunting. The best thing you can do is get advice from someone who’s been there. We asked experts from Travis Perkins, TUI Group, DocuSign, and Matillion to share advice on getting started to provide faster time to value for your business and your customers.


Watch “5 things to keep in mind when starting your data transformation journey.” Then read on for more important guidance on how to move to a modern data and analytics structure. Leveraging cloud technology and using the right data transformation tool can be critical. 




Data growth is exciting – and challenging


The data challenges that enterprises are facing – and the volumes of data flowing through the organization – are growing every day. And speed to insights is of the utmost importance as more and more companies face the pressure to grow their business. 


Data professionals responding to a survey shared that, on average, data volumes are growing by 63 percent per month in their organizations. And one in ten respondents said that volumes are growing at 100 percent or more per month. The sheer amount of data inside any given organization is an obstacle to performing analytics and achieving a truly data-driven culture.


Create a competitive advantage with data analytics


In order to gain insight into the problems and potential solutions that could help their business, many companies are investing heavily in data management and data analytics. In fact, 55 percent of North American businesses have adopted big data analytics. 


But how can businesses begin to turn data into insights for reporting analytics? It starts with data transformation.


Transform data to gain insights


Without transforming data, your business will have many different data formats and datasets. These can require hours and hours of manual work to stitch together. Data transformation can help your business take the raw, probably messy, siloed, and normalized source data, and provide joined, dimensionally modeled data that is in a denormalized, analytics-ready state.


Consider a cloud-native tech stack


For speed, scale, and simplicity, cloud data warehouses and cloud-native solutions can provide faster time to insights.  Also, the cloud can give your business the flexibility to start on a Proof of Concept (PoC) quickly.  In a complex IT environment, having the latest technology and a strong cloud data management strategy provides a better foundation for data transformation and data analytics projects. Migrating data to the cloud ensures you can leverage the power of cloud compute to save costs and decrease overhead.  


Get started with a cloud data PoC


To learn more about the ELT approach and how to embark on a data transformation project, watch our webinar with Forrester, “How to Kickstart Your Cloud Data Strategy with a PoC.”


You will learn how to:


  • Align a project around specific business impact
  • Define success criteria that prove capabilities and value
  • Avoid delays with proper planning and preparation
  • Execute a PoC efficiently and effectively


In the webinar, Matillion Solution Architect Mike Nixon and Forrester analyst Noel Yuhanna share some valuable information on how to take one of the first steps on your data journey. 

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