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Ask an SA: How Do I Get Started with Data Transformation? [Video]


Data transformation is the process that joins together siloed data from different sources; adds business logic; and embellishes metrics to take raw “captured” data and make it ready for analytics. If you’re serious about being data- and insights-driven, data transformation really isn’t optional. Businesses need to transform data in order to make decisions and solve problems within their organization. But it’s a process that’s still not efficient for most enterprises. In a recent survey, 97 percent of enterprises said they want to accelerate data transformation efforts in their business. 

We asked our expert Solution Architects what advice they would give to data architects when they implement cloud data transformation in their organizations. You can see their responses in the video above.

Get up and running quickly with cloud-native solutions

The best advantage cloud data platforms provide is the speed and scale at which you can run your data projects. You can iterate quickly, load only a few data sources, run a proof of concept (PoC), and make necessary changes as you go. Faster time to insights is critical for modern data teams:  57 percent of enterprise data professionals say it’s a top capability for a data analytics platform.

Cloud data platforms such as a cloud data warehouse are a great place to centralize data. Environments such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Delta Lake on Databricks are scalable and flexible, so they can accommodate growing data volumes and increase in size as your business use case does. Matillion ETL then lets you quickly transform data and orchestrate ETL workflows within those environments to help you get to insights quickly. As our Solution Architects mention in the video, you want to find the right tools and run a small PoC to test your cloud data efforts.

Learn best practices for your PoC

Running a PoC in the cloud is a great way to help assess the needs of your business and onboard your team to new technologies. Learn more about running a successful PoC in the cloud with our free resource, Guide to a Successful Proof of Concept. 

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare for an ETL PoC
  • Tips for identifying and aligning stakeholders, technologies, and processes
  • What a 14-day PoC should look like

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