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Automating ETL Processes to Speed Time to Insight: Register Today! (Live Webinar)

Webinar: Speed Time to Insight with Automation


Have you ever thought, I wish this process were faster? You’re not the only one – your entire business is thinking the same thing. Rapid time to insight is one of the biggest competitive edges an enterprise can have today. Without it, we can’t know what our customers are thinking and doing and how best to serve them. We can’t improve processes to operate more efficiently. And we can’t know how to innovate and come up with products that change people’s lives and increase the bottom line.


Automating parts of data transformation with Matillion ETL can help you and your business get to that insight faster. Then you can use better information to foster innovation and make better decisions.


But there are a lot of questions surrounding automating ETL and the modern data architecture. For example, what processes should you automate? What’s the best way to achieve greater insight and productivity? And how do you deal with error handling, testing and QA, and other tasks?


Learn how and when to automate in our latest webinar

Join us tomorrow for our latest webinar, Learn to Speed Time to Insight


Tuesday, October 1
10 a.m. Central Time






First, hear about best practices for automating ETL with Matillion and in your overall cloud data architecture, including:


  • Why automation makes sense
  • What to automate (and what not to automate)
  • Different methods for automating your workflows and data ingestion processes
  • Important things to keep in mind as you automate

How Slalom and LiveRamp enabled faster time to insight

Then learn about how Matillion Consulting Partner Slalom worked with LiveRamp to set up automated processes and alerts within Matillion ETL. These functions enabled faster time to insight for several different business units inside of LiveRamp.


Bring all of your automation questions – it promises to be an interesting conversation about how to effectively compete using data and automation. Hope to see you there!


Webinar: Speed Time to Insight with Automation




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