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AWS re:Invent Days 3 and 4: Best in Swag (And Other Things)


We won!

Really, we’re winning just being at AWS re:Invent. We’ve had a great week meeting attendees from all across industries and use cases to talk about cloud data transformation. But the AWS sponsor team bestowed an official honor on us today, awarding us Best in Swag for the show. We take our swag very seriously here at Team Green, so we couldn’t be more pleased. We’d like to thank the Academy, our swag distributors, and the thousands of people who stopped by to make tiny Team Transform members “for their kids” (ahem) for making it all possible.


We’re #1! (at swag)


Transformation, Large and Small


Moving from our smallest Team Transform members to our largest one, it’s safe to say that our resident Transformer was an enormous crowd pleaser. re:Invent showgoers spotted our 11-foot-tall friend immediately at the Matillion booth near the show’s entrance and flocked to our welcome area to get their photos taken with Bumblebee (again, “For the kids”).  Snapping dozens of photos of happy people getting high fives and head crushes from Bumblebee was definitely the best booth job ever. Even our solution architects couldn’t resist.


Matillioners meet up


One of our favorite parts of re:Invent is always the chance to meet up with far-flung Matillioners. We make working on two continents and functioning as one unified team relatively easy. But we definitely enjoy the times when we get to meet up in one location and have fun working and playing – eating out, going to the many parties of the week, hanging around, and generally anything that doesn’t involve a Zoom screen. It’s great practice for our Super All-Hands meeting in a few months.

If you didn’t get a chance to say hi to us and see Matillion ETL and Matillion Data Loader first-hand, we’ll be back in Denver and Manchester soon to start up our demos. And if you’re interested in getting on the list to try Matillion Data Loader, you can go here.







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