Top 10 AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions for Beginners

  • Dayna Shoemaker
  • November 7, 2017

Top 10 AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions for Beginnersre:Invent 2017 already has over 1,000 sessions (with more being added as we get closer to the event). It will be impossible to see it all. Instead of spending hours flicking through the Event Catalogue, Matillion picked our Top 10 AWS re:Invent 2017 Sessions for Beginners on Amazon, Big Data, Cloud technology and Analytics, which have been condensed into a reader’s digest for you! Full details about each session are on the AWS Event Catalogue, which we encourage you check as event details might change and new session are being added.

1. ABD201 – Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS

Key themes

  • Big Data processing
  • Choosing the right technologies based on data structure, query latency, cost, request rate, item size, data volume, durability, etc.
  • Assemble the right technologies based on architectures, design patterns, best practices to solve your big data problems at the right cost

This session aims to walk new users through the process of handling Big Data. This is followed by a discussion on various technology options and assessment criteria by which the best bundle can be selected. The final point of this talk is about how to assemble your technology bundle to process Big Data to address problems.

2. ABD202 – Best Practices for Building Serverless Big Data Applications

Key themes

  • Incorporating serverless concepts into you big data architectures
  • Benefits of serverless architectures for big data
  • Streamlining data processing
  • Cloud and open source technologies

Serverless technologies let you build and scale applications and services rapidly without the need to provision or manage servers. This session will address serverless technologies, processes and best practices.

3. ABD211 – Sysco Foods: A Journey from Too Much Data to Curated Insights

Key themes

  • Amazon ecosystem (Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, AWS Data Pipeline)
  • Tableau
  • Transitioning to Amazon Redshift
  • Consolidated databases and analytics

Learn how Sysco transitioned to the AWS ecosystem (Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, AWS Data Pipeline). In partnership with AWS and Tableau, Sysco was able to better scale and become more strategic.

4. BAP201 – Realizing the Benefits of the AWS Cloud: Confident Decision Making Based on Insights and Control

Key themes

  • AWS Cloud

This is a great session for AWS newbies or those interested in using the AWS cloud. The session will present how to build a cost efficient enterprise-ready cloud that fits into your existing IT landscape using best practices and automation.

5. CMP202 – Getting the most Bang for your buck with #EC2 #Winning

Key themes

  • Amazon EC2
  • Payment models and cost optimisation

EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud and provides you the flexibility to cost-optimize your computing portfolio through purchasing models that fit your business needs. You’ll leave the session with best practices you can immediately apply to your application portfolio.

6. CMP211 – Getting Started with Serverless Architectures

Key themes

  • AWS’s serverless stack – AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Step Functions
  • Benefits of serverless architectures
  • Serverless architecture use cases
  • Tips, tricks, insider knowledge and best practices

Serverless architectures let you build and deploy applications and services with infrastructure resources that require zero administration. AWS provides a stack of scalable, fully-managed services that eliminates these operational complexities. This session will equip you with the knowledge that you need to implement immediately.

7. DAT201 – AWS Database and Analytics State of the Union – 2017

Key themes

  • Database and analytics services in AWS

This session will give beginners an overview of Amazon’s services and where they going next.

8. DEM32 – Key Considerations for a Cloud Data Warehouse

Key themes

  • How to select a data warehouse

This session will discuss some considerations to help you select the best cloud data warehouse, highlighting MemSQL on AWS (Amazon EC2) as a solution.

9. ENT203 – Building a Solid Business Case for Cloud Migration

Key themes

  • How to migrate to AWS

In this session, you will learn how to create a compelling business case for a large-scale migration to AWS.

10. MSC203 – How Citrix Uses AWS Marketplace Solutions to Accelerate Analytic Workloads on AWS

Key themes

  • Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift
  • Transitioning to Amazon Redshift
  • Consolidated databases and analytics

Citrix is using Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift for analytic purposes. However, this is not the way Citrix has always worked. They will walk you through how they transitioned away from multiple disparate databases to prevent data loss and to use aggregated for analysis.

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