No Excuse to Waste Time, Money and BI Infrastructure

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • March 12, 2014

No Excuse to Waste Time, Money and BI Infrastructure BI adoption rates top typically top the scale at around 30%! Yes 30%!  That’s a considerable investment of your time, money and BI infrastructure wasted – and the opportunity to work smarter with informed decisions missed!

But what can you do to drive user adoption of your new Business Intelligence solution without being over faced with new responsibility?

The answer is a huge amount. Below are six simple small changes you can make to ensure the roll-out and user adoption of BI Infrastructure within your business is a success.

1. Make your BI system available

It is to be hoped that your users are already used to accessing your intranet, for example. Embed a Dashboard link or report to your company Salesforce or Facebook page, somewhere users are already accessing regularly. This will expose your new BI solution and promote user adoption.

2. Build reports for your business users

What does the business need to report on? Don’t add every available bit of data to a report because you can. The most successful reports provide an executive level summary of the business that encourages users to investigate further with drill-throughs.


3. Give users something original to your new solution

Good BI will provide a view of your business data that you cannot get anywhere else. Great BI will combine data sources so you can identify trends and patterns – allowing your users a brand new vital view of your business that will influence management decisions and drive your business forward.


4. If users will not access the data, send the data to them

Your business users may be comfortable and used to receiving yesterday’s sales right to their inbox. If that’s the case, why fight it? Just change the source of the scheduled report to your new BI system as way of enhancing user adoption.


5. Access your data from anywhere

Today is a virtual world. With BI that’s accessible via an internet page, your sales team need never be without the vital statistics they need for each customer meeting, accessed directly from their phone.


6. Any more training requirements?

Ever hear the “I don’t know how” excuse? With a customer success team available to support your BI system, this line is redundant. Users can be fully trained and ready to go in less than a day, with any additional support provided when they need it.


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