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BI Tools Comparison: 4 Things You May Not Know

BI Tools Comparison: 4 Things You May Not KnowThere are several types of BI tools, with On-Premise and Cloud tools being the most common.

There are many differences and several misconceptions about the two types of BI tool – this comparison is intended to delve deeper to show you four things you may not previously have known.

BI Tools Comparison 1. Security

A common misconception about Cloud BI systems is that because the data is on the Cloud, it is less secure, but this is completely untrue. Admittedly, Cloud BI systems can have security problems, but then again so can On Premise solutions and many vendors offer extensive security solutions. Here at Matillion we offer an advanced security system which allows you to control exactly what each user can see. This permits you to share your reports freely with managers, employees and even suppliers or customers. We also understand the need for high security in the Cloud, It is for this reason that we use encryption that exceeds banking standards. Our data centres are SAS Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI accredited.

BI Tools Comparison 2. Speed

Cloud-based BI is much faster to implement than its On-Premise counterpart given the technologies involved. Here at Matillion, our customers have been extremely pleased with the speed of implementation. Paul Holliday, Financial Director at Henry Colbeck had this to say: “We thought the deadline was a tall order but Matillion pulled out the stops to meet their commitments – a refreshing change on many of our experiences on the IT front”.

BI Tools Comparison 3. Cost

Whereas On-Premise BI tools can be very expensive, Cloud BI tools are much more cost-effective, making them ideal for medium-sized businesses who don’t have hundreds of thousands of pounds to spend on a BI solution. The speed of implementation is one reason for the reduced cost – the other being the lack of software to purchase. Cloud BI customers need simply buy the implementation and user licenses rather than buying software.

BI Tools Comparison 4. Versatility

Cloud BI tools are much more versatile than On-Premise solutions. With Cloud BI, data can be reported anywhere and at any time, a particularly handy feature for running last-minute reports before a big sales pitch.

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