Business Intelligence Cartoons: 6 of the Best

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • May 27, 2014

Here at Matillion we love a good cartoon, so what better way to demonstrate some key points on Business Intelligence than with a collection of them, courtesy of Timo Elliott (@timoelliott)

We pick six of our favourite cartoons and take a look at how they can help us to better understand some of the key topics in Business Intelligence.


One area in which Business Analytics is extremely useful is in settling arguments. How many times have your colleagues or even you yourself argued about opinions? Business Intelligence gives you the hard facts.


The last thing you want to do is present a report to your boss that has incorrect figures, and Business Intelligence will give you the peace of mind that every last detail of the report is correct. There is no more need for educated guesses when the facts are available to you.

cartoon 3

As good as Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics Tools can be, they must not act as the be-all and end-all of decision-making looking forward. Predictive Analytics must be looked upon as a guide – it cannot be assumed that predicted growth will happen or continue to happen past the prediction.


Getting at the data locked in your ERP can be a stressful task, but not with Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence will give you the key to get that data out of the ERP – and create the ability to drill down into the data to compile fast and comprehensive reports.


Gut feelings can be a good thing, often they are right, but sometimes they are completely wrong. Could you defend yourself to your boss after bad decisions were made on your gut instinct? With Business Intelligence you can back up that feeling – or prove it unfounded.


This is a Business Intelligence paradox. Without Business Intelligence how can you calculate the ROI of Business Intelligence to convince your boss you need it?
Business Intelligence can give you access to the data you need to calculate ROI. This aids, improves and speeds up the decision-making of any Business Intelligence user. Never again will decisions have to be made based on unreliable data.

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