Which Business Intelligence Systems Are Right For Your Business

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • August 12, 2013

Business Intelligence Systems – Which is Right for Your BusinessThere are a multitude of business intelligences systems available on the market right now all ranging with a differing list of features, advantages and benefits.

The introduction of the cloud has increased this list dramatically, whilst offering a similar outcome, in a more cost effective approach. What is most important however, is finding a solution that is right for your business.

Etihad Airways recently chose a solution from a list of business intelligence systems to provide them with knowledge on customers, airport data and flights among many other areas to save them money by spending more time in the air and less on the runway as explained in this article.

Not all out of the box business intelligence systems would be able to fit a business model such as Etihad Airways but they should be able to provide data and analytics on sales, finance, inventory, supply chain, marketing, production and many other areas of a business. A common issue raised is whether these different departments can easily get access to that data.

For example, a recent post on CIO by Thor Olavsrud (@ThorOlavsrud) states that “marketing departments lack control of data management and strategy and rely on IT to get access to pertinent data” and in turn “reliant on IT processes.” There are a number of business intelligence systems now offering Self Service capabilities which will eradicate this process and empower business users with the information they need, thus improving the speed of decision making.

Additionally, a report on examiner.com about business intelligence systems said they “can help your entire team make smarter decisions based on the latest data relevant to their jobs. With cloud-based reporting software, everyone can access and understand current the most relevant data for their job roles.” With the influx of Cloud BI systems, such as Matillion, it allows people to access with data whenever and wherever allowing them to make the most informed decision whatever situation they’re in.

Fredrik Tunvall (@tunvall) was recently quoted in ITWire as saying “the cloud is becoming a more cost-effective delivery model for BI…  users across the organisation can go online, sign up, and start analysing their data within minutes rather than weeks.” However he does mention “most BI applications used today need customisation and rely on data from multiple operational sources, which is never easy or quick to set up, be it in the cloud or on premise”

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