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Charlotte’s Web Helps Their Data Team Move Six Times Faster by Spinning Up Matillion ETL [Partner Case Study]


Our partners and their customers are doing great things with Matillion to help integrate their data and make it more useful for analytics. In today’s blog, we look at how Data Clymer and Charlotte’s Web broke down silos and created a next-level analytics and reporting solution that includes Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift. 


Charlotte’s Web helps bring stress and pain relief to tens of thousands of customers with its hemp-derived CBD products. The company has always relied on fast, precise, and actionable data to help serve its large customer base. But as a fast-paced, rapidly changing business, Charlotte’s Web was facing some limitations and growing pains as a result of its aging data and analytics architecture.


Silos and slowdowns


First of all, most data at Charlotte’s Web existed in silos, and that data could only be analyzed one silo at a time. With reporting and analytics capabilities subject to the limitations of each data source and Microsoft Excel, insight was limited, unreliable, and painful for the data team to extract.


The business intelligence team at Charlotte’s Web spent hours managing data within Microsoft Excel. Darren Kuehne, Manager of Business Intelligence, estimated that 65 percent of his team’s time was spent managing data, not analyzing it. This bottleneck not only affected analytics productivity, it was a huge hindrance to building a company-wide data culture with actionable insight and trustworthy data.


A modern data and analytics stack with Matillion ETL, Panoply, and Looker


With the help of Matillion Partner Data Clymer, a consultancy that focuses on data stack innovation and data culture transformation, Charlotte’s Web implemented a fully cloud-native data and analytics stack using Panoply data warehouse, Matillion ETL for Amazon Redshift, and Looker as the business intelligence platform. 


Charlotte’s Web and Data Clymer chose Matillion ETL for several reasons:


  • Matillion ETL supported the rowversion datatype required by the company’s ERP database for interpreting the incremental key. 
  • Matillion also let the data team load only the data that was created or updated since the last ETL job run.
  • Matillion exerts complete control over the data ingestion and transformation logic, enabling powerful features like “always on” tables for analysis, which helps improve the completeness and accuracy of the data.


Faster time to insight across the business


With the help of Data Clymer’s implementation team, Charlotte’s Web went from entirely siloed data and no business intelligence stack to delivering reports in just six weeks. 


Matillion’s cloud-native, push-down ELT, combined with the speed and scalability of Panoply and the friendliness and underlying power of Looker, are helping Charlotte’s Web to achieve a true data-driven culture across the business. By reducing data load times from six hours to one hour per run, Matillion ETL has given the data team considerable time back in their day to spend on analytics and strategic insight. 


Company stakeholders in eCommerce, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and IT have stable, consistent, and distributed access to the same data. New stakeholders are able to immediately access the data they need for success. Thanks in part to the agility of its new, modern data architecture, the company was able to pivot smoothly to a primarily ecommerce, direct-to-consumer sales model when COVID-19 severely hampered brick-and-mortar retail sales. 


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