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Christmas in numbers: 10 of the best uses of Data Visualisation

Christmas is just around the corner so we’ve compiled a list of some of the best uses of data visualisation this festive season. These brilliant infographics present everything from the most popular Christmas presents, to our favourite holiday foods and even the chances of snow!

The Christmas Price Index


Source – PNC Financial Services Group

The 12 days of Christmas – it’s a classic Christmas song about a lucky someone receiving a copious amount of presents from their particularly generous ‘true love’. But have you ever wondered just how much it would cost to buy everything on that list? Well now you don’t have to.

This fantastic data visualisation from the PNC Financial Services Group calculates the costs of each day’s gifts from the song, and even plots this against last year’s figures.

So what is the cost of the 12 days of Christmas?

A whopping $34,130.99 apparently.

Christmas: The Numbers Behind The Holidays


Source – Forbes

How much does the average person spend on Christmas gifts? Where do our Christmas trees come from? And what are our favourite Christmas movies?

Find out all of this and more in this brilliant infographic from Forbes and Statista. ‘The numbers behind the holidays’ uses some fantastic data visualisations to present the key findings from a survey on our consumer habits during the festive period.

The Big Fat Christmas Infographic


Source – The Big Fat Christmas Infographic 

The big fat Christmas infographic again takes the form of the 12 days of Christmas. However, instead of looking at how much it would all cost, this piece provides an array on interesting facts on each day, with the use of data visualisations and interactive elements.

How many calories would the drummers drumming burn?

How many doves would it take to lift a turtle?

Take a look at this great data visualization to find out these facts and more!

Christmas shopping by numbers


Source – BBC News

Whilst not quite as aesthetically pleasing as some of the other entries on this list, this article from the BBC effectively uses data visualisations to highlight some of the key trends in Christmas shopping.

It’s clear that online gift buying has rocketed in recent years, but by how much?

How Brits Spread Christmas Joy To Each Other And The World


Source – ParcelHero

Christmas is a time for giving, but where do us Brits send the most gifts to geographically?

This fantastic infographic from ParcelHero charts the top 10 countries by amount of gifts they receive from the UK each Christmas.

In at number one? Australia.

The infographic also includes data visualisations representing what these gifts are and how much they cost.

Redefining Christmas Traditions With Artificial Christmas Trees


Source – Tree Classics

A Christmas tree is undoubtedly one of the key symbols of the festive period and no home is complete without one.

But as consumers do we prefer real Christmas trees or are we switching to artificial ones?

This infographic from Tree Classics presents some interesting facts about the trees we buy, where they come from and how much we are willing to spend on them.

Did you know? Despite our overall change in purchasing behaviour, only 2% of Christmas trees are actually bought online.

Christmas through the decades


Source – Watch Shop

This fun interactive infographic from Watch Shop allows you to jump back in time to Christmas’ long ago.

Enter a year and you’ll be presented with a Christmas scene from you chosen era.

Find out what toys people were buying, what music we were listening to and whether or not it was a white Christmas that year.

Snow at Christmas in the UK


Source – The Met Office

And speaking of a white Christmas, just how likely is it that there will be one here in the UK this year?

You can find out with this great data visualisation from the Met Office which charts the history of snow in the UK on Christmas day all the way back to the 1960s.

12 Foods of Christmas


Source – AGA

For many of us, food is a massive part of Christmas and there are a number of staple favourites we like to indulge in.

This ’12 foods of Christmas’ infographic from AGA takes a closer look at 12 of our festive favourites – a very tasty use of data visualisation indeed!


And finally…

Business Intelligence Advent Calendar

christmas-data-visualisation - Matillion

Source – Matillion

Here at Matillion we’ve created a Christmas interactive of our own.

Open the door for the corresponding date on our Business Intelligence Advent Calendar to find one of our awesome free Business Intelligence resources.

Come back each day to reveal all 24 free resources.


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