3 Reasons to Harness the Power of Cloud BI

  • Ed Thompson, CTO
  • December 18, 2013

cloud-bi- 3-reasons-to-harness-powerRecently you may have heard about the pair in their 70’s who have become Britain’s oldest couple to start a business.

According to Huffington Post, David Pledger, a Royal Navy veteran aged 71 and his wife Sandra, 73, have secured a £25,000 loan to launch Full House Marketing, a website for booking rooms in inns and guest houses.

As with any business that comes onto our radar, the obvious question raises its head – “could they benefit from Cloud Business Intelligence?”

The short answer? Absolutely. The long answer? Read on, gentle reader.

What is Full House Marketing?

“Full House Marketing is a website that will provide a service to both business and consumers,” say the Pledgers.  “For small hotels, using commercial packages to improve occupancy such as LateRooms doesn’t provide a good return on investment because of the high commission rates. Our technology will offer a package to family-run and independent hoteliers that is both affordable and profitable.”

The venture is backed by X-Forces, a social enterprise that specialises in helping veterans and their families fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams.

The niche into which the Pledgers have entered – and the publicity the venture is receiving – could see the business grow quickly over the coming years. At this point, the business will have tonnes of clients and more data than the Pledgers can handle.

This is when Cloud BI comes into the picture.

3 ways Full House Marketing could benefit from Cloud BI

1. Fast and simple reporting

When Full House Marketing really gets going, the Pledgers will need to create reports in order to aid decision-making and maintain growth. Cloud BI can offer them fast and simple reporting, taking data from all clients.

2. Better decisions

Not only will Cloud BI provide Full House Marketing with the ability to make reports faster and simpler, but it will also improve the quality of the decisions being made. It will create the ability to drill deeper into data and compare facts and figures from anywhere within the business.

3. Increased efficiency

With better and faster decisions will come improved and increased efficiency. The cost of getting things done will reduce greatly as the number of hours spent performing the task in hand will reduce greatly, thanks to faster reporting and better decision-making.

Whilst Cloud BI may not be entering Mr and Mrs Pledger’s lives anytime soon, it could easily be entering yours. If you want to report fast, make better decisions and increase your businesses efficiency then look no further.

What is the first thing you would do with Cloud BI?

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